EGYPT DRONE MAKADI HURGHADA New York Police Lose It Over 3 months ago   11:44

Amazing looks at egypt coast
1,5 KM flight
flying along the coastline and get a awesome look at the beautiful hotels from above near Makadi Bay

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Unbelievable. Egypt is so amazing.
Daniel Lindgren
I would like to know which hotel is which in this video.

We run Bucket List travels & Travelzoo with over 6 million followers on Facebook. Could we use and edit this footage and post on our pages. we will credit your work in the caption of the video. is this ok?
Stefan Frosch
Iza woźniak
hi, how u film that amazing video ? Coz i know its not allowed to take dron to egypt. can you answer me ? thanku you !:)
The Vegan Travelers
We also did an amazing drone video in egypt (cairo, luxor, aswan, alexandria, el gouna....). You can watch it here:
Follow us for more breathtaking drone videos :)
Mr. Scherlock
До Клеопатры не долетел!Я так хотел посмотреть
Hey - Ant here from Bucket List Travels.

We'd love to feature some of your content onto our Facebook page with credit. Please could we have permission?

Look forward to hearing back! Thanks
Barry Butcher
I was told by the Egyptian consulate in London that if I took my drone the military would arrest me (April 2018) you’re a lucky guy to get this footage as now the law has changed
heyitsAdil gaming
You can get arrestded there if you take a drone
Lovely :)
Schön will auch wieder dahin :)
Ranim Mcharek
Egypte is so beautiful and that is cool!!!!! NICE!
Samir Abadeer
Nice one , thank you for sharing
Ka Sue
Fort arabesque
Nice video :D made also a video about egypt hurghada, makadi. Check it out if you want
A Little Nomad
How did you get a drone into Egypt?
memo shark
is this prima life makadi and the aqua park it is wonderful
Fr0Zen1 ___
Fantastic Footage
Thomas Fischer
Hammer cooler Flug 👍👍👍
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New York Police Lose It Over EGYPT DRONE MAKADI HURGHADA 3 months ago   16:21

Update: Plaintiff's Depositions are scheduled for October 18, 2018.

Link to 1st followup video:

Link to 2nd followup video:

Link to 3rd followup video:

A lawsuit has been filed against Wayne County, and the state of New York. As of July 14, 2018, it is still working its way through the slow legal system, with government lawyers dragging things out as long as possible. We will update when possible. Here are a couple court documents:

Depositions scheduled for May, 2018 were put off because the government claimed it couldn't read our video files. Interesting, as everyone else including our lawyers can read them...

The SHARK team appreciates those commenters who have a grasp of the US Constitution, and the vital rights it bestows on our citizens. Brave Americans have died to preserve and defend these rights, and it is tragic that so many people are not only unaware of their rights, but moreover are willing to give them up, and even insist that others do the same.

The Constitution gives Americans the opportunity to stand, but standing requires a spine - something quite a number of people lack today. We will continue to stand strong with other proud Americans.

November 13, 2016, a SHARK team uses an Angel drone to get an aerial view of Marshall Farms, a company in North Rose, New York that raises beagles, ferrets and other animals for research.

Although absolutely no laws were broken, police made an illegal traffic stop that lasted more than an hour. The bullying and incompetence is hard to believe.

Per the ACLU: Police may stop and briefly detain you only if there is reasonable suspicion that you committed, are committing or are about to commit a crime.

The police lost their credibility, their dignity, and any legitimacy by selling out to a company that sells animals for research. Shame on the New York State Police and the Wayne County Sheriff's Department.

We are in the process of reviewing our legal options, and will provide updates as decisions are made.

Please email both law enforcement agencies about how their officers acted. Please be polite, and please let us know if you get a response:

New York State Police:

Wayne County Sheriff:

Sheriff Barry Virts

SHARK has set up a "Go Fund Me" Account to help with our travel and legal expenses.
Help SHARK by donating here:

There is no law against flying over private property.

While we very much appreciate the supportive comments many people have left, we ask you to consider that threats against police officers is not the way to go. While SHARK will stand against bad cops, we do not wish them harm - we only wish to get rid of the bad cops, so the good police can do their jobs.

Harming others is what we are trying to end, so let's not threaten even those with whom we very much disagree. We certainly understand the emotion, having seen so much corruption firsthand, but violence is not the answer.