Dangers of Internet - BAD Advice - MrWeebl Winter Olympics : Russian Dancing 1 day ago   03:37

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The B.A.D give you advice on dealing with the dangers of the internet.

Written by Joel Jessup
Animated by RageNineteen

The B.A.D is a government agency tasked with giving advice of the dangers that could befall you during every waking moment.

MrWeebl is a channel of fun and silliness, with songs and cartoons and even cartoon songs. Wow. Some call it random. It's not random. It's absurd look at life because day-to-day life is ridiculous.

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Hasan Hüseyin Yilmazer
Cats eyes!!!!!
Nyota Mwuaji
Couldn't see the advise. Too much phone gas in the way
Spencer Shomaker
More dystopian future stuff like this?
Jaime Brown
Everyone is fond of owls...
1:01 Hypogryphs.Horse is totally an MLP hippogriff fan site. 👀
Red Slig
Huh, she talked
Tina Aoro
*M O U S E E Y E S!*
Nickle Spale
genius dare I say it. vid had me dead
paragon productions
Is that scp 999?
Alven Stewart
(.. ok
james fouler
what time period does B.A.D advice take place in?
Augur Games
Not sure if commentary about net neutrality and how it's disbanding will affect the web, or just a hilarious coincidence of the British Advisory Department fooling around with the sphectors and sphooks again.

Remember "Look Around You"?
Spooky Boob
*What would you like to see?*

... I wish to see endless joy. I wish to see salvation in sea of miserability(™ miserability is a trademark word of trademark-words inc™), I wish let's people be free of the dark, uselessness of their life's and ephisize a new and wonderful world, full of dreams! I wish to see:

... *Porn!*
You have a great narrating voice!
lofl i think these are more the dangers of net neutrality being gone than the internet

thx for this funny video i loved it a lot and i would have loved to see a ghost cat
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Winter Olympics : Russian Dancing Dangers of Internet - BAD Advice - MrWeebl 1 day ago   04:04

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