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The Popes emphasize their role as the representative of Christ on earth in order to justify their power. The authority of the Bishop of Rome was rejected by the Eastern Orthodox Church and other dissident Christian groups including the Albigensian Christians who were massacred by order of the Pope.

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3:54 great hint with the picture
The serious difference is that the West still seems to struggle with the separation between church and state (not to mention the myriad of little christian sects that split off catholicism), while in the East we never had such problems since 325 a.d.: church was always bellow the King and in advisory role.

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01 Crusades: Rise of Islam 03 Crusades: The Great Schism 5 months ago   04:52

The rise of Islam was a shock to the Christian world. The Islamic conquests swept through Persia, Syria, Palestine, Egypt and north Africa. In 711 the Muslims overtook Spain and established their capital in Cordoba. Their advance was stopped in France by Charles Martel.