Lagarde commends Ethiopia's economic 3,000 years Ethiopia's history 2 months ago   05:06

CGTN Africa
IMF managing director Christine Lagarde says Ethiopia should consider slowly opening up its economy for the private sector to involve to close the import-export trade gap in the country. In an exclusive interview with CGTN's Girum Chala, Lagarde said despite the unorthodox methods Ethiopia has followed, the country has manged excellent economic growth over the past 10 years. Lagarde also says the IMF and UNECA are working alongside the AU to transform African economies based on agenda 2063.

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Eniola Apata
IMF is imperial institutions, that only interest to brings bogus idea, that will never benefit Africa, their structural Adjustment Program, destroy many Countries in African Continent. IMF is not built for the rest of humanity, is institution built to benefit the western Economic domination. China is doing good, even with all negatives, we hearing from Western Countries. IMF is evil institution of imperialism. The so called debt trapped, the talking about the Chinese. The West doesn't like Competition, in the Continent, the exploits and dominate
Mench W
If IMF was serious about transforming Africans' economies for the benefit of the 'poor' Africans, it would not have taken so long to engage accordingly. Now they are coming when Africans are trying to stand by themselfs with the help of China. The Chinese has their own deficiencies in many areas but their presence in Africa is positive!
Mench W
I hope Ethiopian government does not open-upp in key sectors such as financial (banking) and telecom companies. Ethiopia please follow the Chinese footsteps and economic model for God's sake! Do not open-up very much.
daniel gebeyehu
Despite all the problems around us one good NEWS will Chang my day bright.
What does this stupid bit.h know.they got it wrong.more then they got right.they are payed by the corrupt European Union.another scare tactic .out is out. This silly old cu.t . Won't even be a live when we leave.put her in a rest Holme.
Where is a the Clashes
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3,000 years Ethiopia's history Lagarde commends Ethiopia's economic 2 months ago   09:15

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