Top 20 Hilarious Impressions Done by Celebrities Wheel of Musical Impressions with 1 day ago   19:43

Who better to impersonate a celebrity than another celeb? For this list, we’re looking at the funniest impressions by celebrities. From Anna Kendrick as Kristen Stewart to Will Ferrell as Harrison Ford, these celebrity impressions will blow you away! Join WatchMojo as we count down the top 20 best celebrity impressions. Which impression is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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Terri Doss
I've found that the WatchMojo host regularly explains the clips for a LOT longer duration than the duration of the actual clip in question, as in 30 seconds of explanation for a 5-second clip. I can only figure that WatchMojo doesn't understand how irritating this is for viewers or they wouldn't keep doing it. Hopefully they'll catch on, because I do enjoy their list videos except for this one glaring problem.
Why do you have headphones on? Adding a face to the WatchMojo voice is nice but please pick a new fashion director.
what i would like to hear is the impressions while you stfu
Omar Gar
Shut up AND let me listen the impressions!!!!!!!!
Michael Brown
Do this video again but without this annoying woman who constantly talk thru all the impression.
Lila Wilburne
thank you for putting T. H. on the list
Less talk, more content, please
Fadedorms Xploited
Watch mojo commentary ruined it
Kiara Animefan
Ok, Jamie Foxx's impression of John Legend was absolute gold and is number 1 in my book! That was awesome!
not only have i seen a lot better impressions, but this was almost pointless to watch since you just talk over everything.

its like making a top 10 list of the greatest jokes of all time and then narrating over all of it.
How about a list of actual impressionists who do it for a living and are constantly sidelined by celebrities who do it once on a talk show
Rick C
Too much yapping just shutup and let is watch the clips
Antonio Incarico
Ariana ! Definitely |
Jocheen Peregrino
Jamie Foxx's Kanye impression is gold.
Beni Velez
I'd like to hear more of the impressions than hearing the lady talking over them
Jack Easters
It's creepy. I can see Nicolas Cage in Simon Helbergs face.
Felix Dagrouch
SHUT the F UP with the explanation!!!!
Frank Craven
Always too much yakking. MAybe your girlfriend like your talking but Wow, 'let the music do the talkin'', so to speak. Shut up.
You need a nice warm glass of STFU!
Borax Sopanic
Most are untalented bums. C'mon. Don't push it. Then I am a great impressionist too.
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Wheel of Musical Impressions with Top 20 Hilarious Impressions Done by Celebrities 1 day ago   08:12

Jimmy challenges Jamie to a game of random musical impressions, such as John Legend singing the Toys "R" Us jingle.

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Wheel of Musical Impressions with Jamie Foxx
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