rip kong 4 Times Logan Paul almost 2 weeks ago   12:33

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thank you for always making us happy

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I’m a 24 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.

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iAmTheRealGameMaster SoMuch
I feel so bad for you Logan 😭 kong was a great dog 😭 I hope this comment doesn’t make you sad 😭I HATE YOU KAYOTES ( I don’t know if I spelt that right)
Violet the snow wolf
I don’t really like you, but I feel sorry for you. It breaks your heart when your pet dies...💔
Mark luxford
RIP kong
I hope this is a bad joke 😭 R.I.P Kong 😭
Rip king kong
(Not a joke btw)
He was a true king
luqman hussain
1 like =1000000000000000000 prayers for kong
luqman hussain
i was about to cry when i heared this
Tyler Moron
Rest in hell
Forever ellie
Omg no 😭
Saud Alonizi
we love you kong and good luke you find him love you gus
Dianne Castillo
Logan just remember that Kong will always be in ur heart no matter where u go or what u do R.I.P. u where truly Kong the savage we will miss u but now that u will never leave our hearts❤️❤️
poor kong he lived a happy savage life :( stay safe logan hope you get better
Vivian Rozmus
Nooooo way .... he's actually gone ... OMG I WAS NEARLY IN TEARS
d4nz playz
Why should this happens to Kong he is cute dog
Hugi Bacsuika007
Im soo sorry for you Logan!!! Prayers to Kong!!😢😢😢😣😣😣
Get a giant dog to eat the coyotes
Christina Hinojosa
Im not even a "fan" ig you'd say... But this made me so sad 💔
Siennah Johnson
God wanted him home rip kong we all love u ur in a better place
Wolf Protector
Cayoties are f*king bitches
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4 Times Logan Paul almost rip kong 2 weeks ago   03:59