rip kong 4 Times Logan Paul almost 2 months ago   12:33

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thank you for always making us happy

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I’m a 24 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.

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Leslie Rubi soto
I am so sad and i am crying R.I.P kong we love you kong❤❤❤❤😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Shikaito Katty
Rip kong
Ahli-sha Stephens
🙏😭❤️ Kong
Brody Wood
Is he really putting in midroll ad
Melissa Grimm
R.I.P kong...
Thomas May
One like eqauls one prayer💔🙏 stay strong logan💪
Mary Ham
Logan should get a boxer or bulldog to protect the husky
buzzer boy
Only joined the logang squad couple weeks ago and in tears
Lynleigh Hill
I cried for like an hour 😭 he was my dream dog when I grow up I was going to get a dog like that
Rosé Torres
One like= on prayer 😭💔
Rosé Torres
Omg I’m crying he was the most savage dog ever why you what did you do to deserve this
Rip to King Kong😪❤️
Beyonce Oceguera
I know how he Feels it almost happen to me I picked up my dog and ran from a coyote
Lily Hunt
I know how you feel. Cause my dog died from a German Shepherd and I couldn't believe it after about 1 day I finally started to believe he actually died. I'm fine its been like a week. Logan? I don't watch you but now I will seems like your a ligit YouTuber.
Hamid Raza Khan
I cried so hard my pillow got messed r.i.p Kong love you miss you
Alright. I’m going to laugh at his dead body
Viejo Lesbiano
I cry
Elli’s Awesome Channel
I am so sorry
princess sara
Plz stay alive kong lagan u just🙏
Tyler Aubert
bruh rip kong my nigga got dog napped I'll avenge you :(
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4 Times Logan Paul almost rip kong 2 months ago   03:59