Taylor Swift - Delicate Netta - TOY - Israel - Official Music 12 months ago   03:55

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Music video by Taylor Swift performing Delicate. ©2018 Big Machine Label Group LLC


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António Barbosa
I love this song there are even more than this .... because its not just be alone in the crowed, its be in the world with a lot persons but be and still in left alone even everday if you interact hinself with others but still be alone because we speak in words, but there are other comunications without any words we need... and without words there are when speak witout but feeling in Love ...but when you feel it and nobody bring that feeling even to express .... its like be alone and out of reliaty .... sometines we nedd be invisble ometines in the crowed we need disapears even if it hurts yoourself, but its danger, because we are single humans not disposible objects and can be worth then we can imagine and thats why when someone are in depression its not be diferent like others but sometimes its someone that are without love ................and the suicide its a way to do it.....
0:48 Mood.
Click Bait
Friend: Your crush is coming act normal!
Me: 1:43
Wisdom Got Something
Boo I hate Taylor swift
Why is Taylor doing the dance from Sia's Chandelier here? It's a cool dance and all but don't really get how it applies to the song lyrics/theme....
Joshua Ehl
Most celebrities seem to be pretty worthless but this human is one I would go out of my way to meet in person.
animal from other planet
Probably me when I'm home alone.
คุณ.วิษณุ แซ่อั้ง
👽I can💙 to see you 🤑💚👁️‍🗨🖖✌👨‍👩‍👧‍👧
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Brett Monnier
Lover is horrible but Reputation is awesome 1989 was good to but lover is so horrible it’s like JoJo Siwa singing lover is horrible!!!!!!
cool song)))
Interpretation: no one sees the real her, just when she’s preforming
yesh whistle
July 2019, anyone?

OK its just ME!
yesh whistle
July 2019, anyone?

OK its just me then
Love this song,but her dance is weird,saying me being a non-dancer.But whatever who cares,as long as she is enjoying herself.😄
Petek Deniz
Roma Music
urvashi singh
Who's listening this song in exam time

It's me or someone else to
Jimmy shah tro lo
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Netta - TOY - Israel - Official Music Taylor Swift - Delicate 12 months ago   03:06

Add or download the song to your own playlist: https://ESC2018.lnk.to/Eurovision2018EY
Sing along with the karaoke versions: https://ESC2018.lnk.to/KaraokeID
Or buy the official CD: https://ESC2018.lnk.to/Eurovision2018AlbumID

Netta will represent Israel at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon with the song TOY

If you want to know more about the Eurovision Song Contest, visit https://eurovision.tv