Auburn Upstream Cofferdam Failure, Dam Break: Lake 1 month ago   09:30

Afsi Moaveni
Auburn Upstream Cofferdam Failure, 02/18/1986 -
A video showing the breaching of the cofferdam built in Auburn CA due to the heavy rains of February 1986. This dam breach is mentioned in Nature Noir. This video recording shows 125,000 cubic feet of water as it flowed down the Lower American River through Sacramento to the confluence with the Sacramento River.

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Syd G
Gentlemen, failure IS an option.
shame there was no way to send that water to lake mead
Mike Garber
Scientist's "This is caused by erosion over ***** years ago... Over millions of years my right eye!
That took hours
One of the most successful failures I have ever seen.
John Keckley
That's how the Grand Canyon was formed after the flood.
bwahahaha !
I liked this dam video.
Terry Morrison
Very interesting thank you for the enlightenment that was cool
Bert Osterberg
Wow, all the damage done in a day with moving water. It’s easy to see how the Grand Canyon was carved out during the flood with the retreating water.
Richard Therien
Very nice video!
So it's like a Pythagoras cup? That's cool as hell
Allan Hobba
I want the 3 Gorges Dam to fail & drown as many Chinese as possible.
Matt Brown
I was living just below this dam and going to school in Auburn in 1986. This was quite a storm indeed.
James Gentry
Such poor design and quality control in the building of the dam. But the engineers had their hands tied because of government restrictions. And they weren't even allowed to finish it properly.
Typical stupidity left wing enviornmentalists that. We build dams to protect us
Jim Strange
Dam it, Jim!
Hoot Owl
I'll bet that's real good for salmon spawning.
Dave Elmy
Couldn't get past 30 seconds. All pics taken with a kodak instamatic I guess
ppl don't understand floods are important. They distribute sedement and neutrients across vast amounts of land that would not otherwise get there. Great for farming after.
This is kind of info doco that I used to see at school. To the point, yet and clear and concise and something a kid could learn from.
Tyler's Neighborhood Garage
Direct and to the point. No music. I used to watch National Geographic for things like there's anything BUT educational content.
Carol McElheney
There was a truckload of explosives in Sacramento ready to blow the levee and flood South Sacramento if the rain had not stopped.
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Dam Break: Lake Auburn Upstream Cofferdam Failure, 1 month ago   04:01

This movie shows a physics-based computer simulation of dam failure at Lake Isabella,
Kern County, California. Lake Isabella Dam is called by some, the most dangerous dam in California. Bakersfield, a city of 360,000 lies 65 km down the Kern River from the Lake.

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