Here's How Much Money My Cheap Getting my Salvage Audi R8 Ready 2 months ago   23:19

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some tape and some diy products, that was 300 dollars, WHUT THE FUCK hahaha, thats expensive tape
if you count working hours its like 120k :D
Austin Norflet
**SPOILER ALERT***21 minutes in he tells you the actual price...skip all the bs. 91,450 dollars***SPOILER ALERT**
Richard Conner
Roemu TT
Isn't it AWD
Ali Ahmed
And I thought 45 dollars for oil change was expensive 11:20
Jess izthebess
*Um yeah Underground Racing would like to talk to you about your comments concerning the build quality of the Lambo. Meet our guy in a dark ally late at night so we can talk in private. I swear i won't kill you*
So you spent over 91,000 on a lemon? you call this a deal? Plus the cost of the car? = $100,000 = NOT A DEAL, nor impressed.
No video follow upon your bruck up Bentley Continental 7 months later eather? That bad eh?
Gio Montgomery
Re salvage titles: if a car was in any type of crash that sets off an airbag it's basically totalled by insurance.
There are ridiculous #s of airbags in modern cars that can go off for anything.
A rear-end impact that totals the bumper can look terrible but you know it hasnt messed up the suspension or alignment if the trunk still opens and closes.

But that car is still just as "totalled" by insurance as one with a front-corner impact that bent a strut tower: hint, that one is bad.

MORAL of the story: You want a super deal on a good car, search carfax for a "totalled" car with only rear impact and only a rear airbag that went off.
Of that list, look for under 80k miles, it's still just as "totalled" as a high mileage totalled car. Bonus points if it's a lease vehicle because the dealer took it back and did a full assessment and diagnostic which you can get.
Buy your "totalled" car for 1/3 the price of nontotalled and replace the bumper, and get it painted at a paint shop for $1000 all in.
emad moner
U talking ssooooo much.whyyyyy?
Do not talk
mohamad essam
in Dubai you car get a 2013 superlagera for 91k dollars !!
boussarsar rami
in this price or less you can get Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4 2012 GCC SPECS HERE IN DUBAI
The Trend
I miss the red rims.....
Real Mart Ent
Tony should have his own channel and he’s awesome with the welding 🥽 I wonder what other cool stuff he can do. Y don’t you help him out I would definitely watch his channel as well you guys can come to an agreement you do the commentating and he does the heavy and intricate work and you do the editing and voice and you
Guys work on both of your cars
Thank you!!! For calming down and being less hype! Ive been watching car videos for like 7 years and when you came out, no offense you seems annoying but only because I felt you were trying to hard. You seem super chill and cool now, I'm glad you warmed up to your audience!
Super job mate..!!😃💪
david mcintire
How did everything get on backward for you to have to fix it.
Danny Shaw
I wana see a final BHP figure video on the finished car and maybe throw in a trackday on the same video I loved watching this playlist and to think I stumbled on it because of an accidental click!! awesome car
did you think you'd want to install an engine pre-oiler? At the price of this engine, it might be worthwhile.
Bag Chaser
Why would u paint the rims from red to grey....whattt cmon now manee
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Getting my Salvage Audi R8 Ready Here's How Much Money My Cheap 2 months ago   14:15

If you have a Chipped, Cracked, or Broken Windshield (or any glass) be sure to check out Safelite:

Check out Samcrac en Espanol/Spanish:

Email Me:

Mail: Samcrac
PO Box 713
Odessa, FL 33556

Thank you to Safelite for providing the replacement windshield on my Audi R8 in exchange for a review of their service.