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Here's How Much Money My Cheap | Getting My Salvage Audi R8 Ready - At Ai-Tube.com

Here's How Much Money My Cheap Getting my Salvage Audi R8 Ready 2 weeks ago   23:19

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Comments 1123 Comments

Stefan Yasin
In the future, if you need Diagnostic help, reach out and I’ll get you going a lot quicker - I’ve got tools for just about everything for use with my rebuilds
I need a lambo in my life..
What a great video!
91450... well if you had done that with hourly rate.... it would be somewhere near 300.000...
buggy boy
Do a cheapest lamborghini aventador
Tavarish yo if you read this please go to car events with it i think its going to be awesome content! keep it up man love your videos
-Call_Me_Zyven- Dude
I just wanna know how much money you've spent..
Scott Bott
So .... not really what it cost to rebuild. More, what it could cost to rebuild.
How much did YOU actually spend to do it??
Dagoberto Rodriguez
We should start calling tavarish the car Vegeta (it’s a complement 😂)
Eric Worthington
Car cost $64k,
Total invested $91,450.
Anthony Ulfig
One on Ebay w 12k miles and no crazy history in perfect condition. But I enjoyed your build Haha.
Tcho Laury
How many miles on it bro?
Tcho Laury
Check”VfEngineering” for the tune! Vehicle virgin goes to them
go get it signed by balboni make it complete
Zweit Account
Respect man! That Gallardo is absolutely stunning with the superleggera wing
How’s your laptop holding up? My XPS... sigh. Dead pixels, battery swelling, power supply, keyboard replacement, mainboard due to audio, throttling....
Henry Fowler
Should have just bought one
Thank you SO MUCH for this video because I will NEVER BUY a Lamborghini! .... ever no matter how much money I have.
Timze .H
Did you get new turbo ?
News Now Ohio
If the only reason you have any subs whatsoever is because you have a lambo otherwise you wouldn’t be shit because your Ugky and bunny as well as pretty uneducated when it comes to cars
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Getting my Salvage Audi R8 Ready Here's How Much Money My Cheap 2 weeks ago   14:15

If you have a Chipped, Cracked, or Broken Windshield (or any glass) be sure to check out Safelite: https://safl.it/2RqkfpQ

Check out Samcrac en Espanol/Spanish: https://goo.gl/TeH1tS

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/samcracc/
Email Me: SamcracAuto@gmail.com

Mail: Samcrac
PO Box 713
Odessa, FL 33556

Thank you to Safelite for providing the replacement windshield on my Audi R8 in exchange for a review of their service.