Google Fuchsia OS could change Manufacturing Process That You've 2 days ago   06:04

You've probably heard of Google Fuchsia OS, and the Fuchsia OS vs Android debate, but what if Fuchsia is not what we thought it was...?
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literally zero hands on proof, i hate vidoes like this. Totally catfished.
I don't buy it. They've been wanting to scrap Android - as linux based OS's gives the user *too much* control & Pichai desires complete lockdown (check those references to Apple): Google wants a walled garden. This is very different from early days of rooting, rom development, unlocked bootloaders. Maybe you guys don't remember, 2015 was the change, right at the time Sundar became CEO.
Ashir Javed
Google: Huawei is doomed without our Android OS
Also Google: We present to you Fuchsia! the killer of Android OS

Madness Talking to Deception: Dude! surely One of us is are being used
mkght require 64 gb ram to run smoothly
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The Rax Tech
Steven Dunn
Or... will this become one of Googles pet projects that eventually gets axed?¿?
W fx
Now they will introduce this os in google pixel phones and it will be available only in pixel phones for they cud sell more pixel phones..but im waiting for huwaei os
Richard Bamon
Can u plz give me any phone u might have more than enought cause I don't have one please if it's ok to u
Because Bitcoin
its not that hard to be better than windows.. windows is a disaster.
Arvydas Andrius
i dont like name of this os, migjt grown on my but android just fine
I don't trust Google to see any of this through. Once it becomes clear that they don't make 5000 zillion dollars overnight with Fuchsia they'll drop it just like they dropped a million other apps and services that didn't take off immediately. Google makes all its money from selling your data, and all their apps and services (that they haven't killed off yet) are available on every platform. They could care less about giving you or me a good software experience or reliable hardware.
mrpaperbag paperbag
I don't trust Google...
Jonathan Rigsby
3:25 you realize Linux can run on a literal potato, right?
Stop being handsome. It's disgusting
Techie Boy
How to increase smartphone speed 5 tips
Please watch this video
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Dimitri Sanchez
Pajeet fushia on the street!
Make more operating systems. We have extreme deficit on operating systems.
Abdellah Ramadan
Huawei was developing its own OS in secret while Google doing the same.
Dexter Brain
*cast this guy as male google assistant at least for some countries*
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Manufacturing Process That You've Google Fuchsia OS could change 2 days ago   10:16

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