11 Reasons Why New Jersey Is The Most Underrated The fastest workers are high - level 1 week ago   04:15

From bouquets of baked flowers to five-pound milkshakes, these are 11 reasons why New Jersey is the most underrated state.

For more information on the places (featured in chronological order), visit:
Baked Bouquet: https://bakedbouquet.com/
Stumpy's Hatchet House: https://stumpyshh.com/
Tony Baloney's: https://www.tonyboloneys.com/
Bella Salon: https://www.yelp.com/biz/bella-salon-fort-lee
Crossroad Deli: https://www.crossroadsdeliandcatering.com/
Makai Poke Co.: http://makaipokeco.com/
Sojo Spa Club: https://www.sojospaclub.com/
Buddy Who's: https://www.buddywhos.com/
2 Chicks With Chocolate: https://2chickswithchocolate.com/
Coney Waffle: http://www.coneywaffle.com/
Iron Physical Therapy: http://www.ironphysicaltherapy.com/

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Trashcan Sakura :P
*looks at thumbnail*

Ah, thats why its underated
June Crystal
I REALLY wanna try the taco pizza
Kitten Mimi
What is that slushy pedicure might be made of? Crushed orbeez? Fake snow?
Bro i need to go there
No offense yeah New Jersey is kinda underrated 😐😑
Lisa Cole
I live in New Jersey and I did not know about all of these things
Snxxpy x
Kiong Tan
Why its underrated
Rebecca Ajala
3:43 this is why most Americans are obese.

No offence to all of them. Notice how I said 'most' not 'all'.
Savannah Sarden
HAH! I live here, and STEREOTYPES ruin everything! I love this video. New Jersey is a wonderful place!
It's Nina
late but the title doesn’t make sense
Mooders It
i get the feeling whoever made this is fat ... i dont know why
Payoja M
The title should be the other way around it should be 11 reasons why New Jersey should not be an underrated state!
Dashenka Duterte
*SEE'S THUMBNAIL* wut...the...sweet
Indigoth The Gamer
3:29 diabetes waiting to happen
Jewels Corner
Okay I'm from New Jersey/Pennsylvania and I never heard of any of these and we are underrated? Wtf
Andrew Kim
Girl 1: I did it!
Girl 2: Nope
Emilie Leung
Hold up so they eat their cupcakes upside down?
Paisley’s Roblox adventures
I have lived here all my life and have never heard of these and nj isn’t big
Stella Rose
So it's underrated, because it can get you on the fastest track to diabetes? 😅
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The fastest workers are high - level 11 Reasons Why New Jersey Is The Most Underrated 1 week ago   10:08

High-level experts do their work not only quickly but also qualitatively. These are talented people and masters of all trades.

1.Roots of Legend