Barclays Bank 2018 results Chancellor: Brexit deal has 'very 2 days ago   05:23

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Like some other banks in the same peer group, Barclays took the plunge into mobile lending in 2018 with a product called "Timiza." Last year, $ 100 M was lent through the app. I spoke about the bank's mobile strategy at length with the firm's CFO, Yusuf Omari, earlier today. I started by asking him for his assessment of 2018, as a business year.

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Chancellor: Brexit deal has 'very Barclays Bank 2018 results 2 days ago   12:40

In an exclusive interview with Sky News, Philip Hammond admits that the British public will feel the ‘cost’ of the leaving the European Union, but believes that the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal will ensure it’s kept to a ‘minimal’.

Theresa May continues her tour around the nation as she tries to gain support for her Brexit deal from Scotland. Meanwhile, Philip Hammond will set out his government analysis of the economic impact of Brexit.

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