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Top 10 Most Viewed Music Videos Each Year (2010-2018)

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I fucking forget about thrift shop and how big it wad
on every year there's katy perry
Emir Bulut
ı want to go old years better than this years
Kristina Kobzar
Believer? Thunder?
S.S .B
The memories
mooose milk
We're Ali a intro

And baby shark
Danail Iliev
2015 the best year
Ratul Hasan
i love all years songs very good 😎😎😎😎
дари георгиева
дари георгиева
( > ~ < )
/> 🌭
- 1 like = 1 hotdog
Poke Guy
4.JINKO.4 Ramirez
WTF, there are more songs that have more views of 2015 to 2018, all of them are shit songs (when i say all is only 2015 to 2018), your taking out rock, rap and bad list at the end

Im mexican and im so shamed that the spanish songs are now so bad but really bad
Adesie Hernandez
/\ __ /\
(● - ●)
/ > < \ 🎂
I think 2018 was the worst year, because a lot of people died and the music isn’t that good.
Friendly Gaming
So 2018 gave us spanish songs with gods plan and a little bit of adam levine to keep my sanity god
Kristin Leeds
Is it kind of weird I get memories of Pokemon GO
Ronald Saquil
Todo iba bien hasta que llegamos al 2017 :'(
Admit it. You came here to check how many views Despacito has.
Shaarawy #Kixiris1K
Gucci gang-lil pump ??
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