A time lapse on Alexandria, Egypt Cairo - Time Lapse 2 days ago   01:50

Sreenath Mohandas
A short time-lapse of Alexandria that I put together, using a Canon 70D. The clip is close to 2000 shots taken over a three week period across Alexandria.

Music copyrights : Van Syla, Runner.

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ARY AND MARK Arianna e Marco
Alexandros of a beautiful City, I love Egypt
Compared to Cairo, I much love Alexandria with relaxing and beautiful scenery.
Denisse Villanueva
I can't wait to be there. InshaAllah in December :) beautiful amazing place
Denis TV
خوخة ٠
Wow amazing 👍👌
Sherif Abdelhady
Great job. please send to me your contacts
Ahmed Said
great job
please allow me to use your video in Facebook as an invitation to visit Alexandria
Alim Marodz
hello sir sreenath mohandas, can we use your footage in our video travel for alexandria ? you can check we did a video previously for pyramid. we hope you can reply as soon as possible . thanks.
I need to download it
Drew Wolfram
Sreenath Mohandas
A short timelapse I creates on Alexandria, Egypt.
Mohmed kabl
The best
kareem majde
بجد ما شاء الله شغل حلو جدا جدا جدا
وصلوا معاك كام صورة ؟
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Cairo - Time Lapse A time lapse on Alexandria, Egypt 2 days ago   03:26

A small tour in Cairo with Time Lapse technique.
Music: Middle Eastern Music - Magic Palace .. By: Derek Fiechter
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