BTS "Epiphany" (OFFICIAL VIDEO) - The Piano this just how much bts know 6 months ago   04:45

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Every so often the inspiration for a music project is such that we know exactly what to do and things come together very quickly. Such was the case with Epiphany. In a time when so many people are battling feelings of self-doubt and worthlessness as they navigate a social media world, the positive message of this BTS song is so important:: I’m the one I should love.
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Arrangement produced & written by Jon Schmidt
Steven Sharp Nelson and Al van der Beek. Piano: Jon Schmidt Cellos: Steven Sharp Nelson vocal textures:Al van der Beek. Recorded at Big Idea Studios, Draper, UT. Engineered and mixed by Jake Bowen. Mastered by Al van der Beek at TPG Studios, Utah

Filmed & Produced by Paul Anderson & Shaye Scott
Edited by Shaye Scott
Behind the Scenes: Kyle Fisher

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Nabilah Firyal
I think these gentlement’s daughters are an army and begging to request one of bts song to be covered hahaaa
Such a remarkable cover. I wish Jin can sing the song with these both talented men
sakimin sagita
Listen this, make me how be better to love myself.

#sorry for my .english
Play this on my wedding and I will Cherish it
sharon chua
Wonderful cover, I actually teared up while listening at 3:14. Both of you seem to be one with the music and really enjoyed playing the song which is a rare sight to see
Sarah Amjad
Seriously Jin would be happy after listening to this beautiful cover.
Jeonghan 1004
You should go to korea and do busking there.😁
Aiura L
This is absolutely as beautiful as Jin's voice - and that's the highest praise I can possibly give. ❤

Also, can I just say how perfectly the ambience of this video complements the piece itself? Everything from the camerawork to the colours reflect the song's simple elegance. Wonderful!
Hermoso 👏👏👏👏
Ey Mart
I'M CRYING 😭😭😭 This is so beautiful ❤❤👏😭😭😭
It will be the music of my wedding✨
Melody X
Thank you so much for covering Jin (Kim Seokjin) of BTS’ cover of epiphany!! This was absolutely breathtaking, the music, the performance, the video - everything. This song holds a special place in my heart through its message and I know it definitely means a lot to other ARMYs and BTS themselves, too. I hope that people who are unfamiliar with BTS will be able to enjoy this song and the beauty of it through which you have portrayed so well.
Matilde Ossa
so cool ❤👍😊
Cathy Orr
I love these guys so much....
처음엔 굉장히 멋있다 연신 감탄했는데 후반부에 울컥함..
afna syifa
Verry beautiful. I always cry every time I hear it
Nur Yuki
My lullaby 💕
Hansy Naoki Wang
Ahh this cello always make songs ultra😭
Wanjin Kwon
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this just how much bts know BTS "Epiphany" (OFFICIAL VIDEO) - The Piano 6 months ago   06:42

Bts know each other soooo weeelll!! Theres no way im not gonna make a part 2 of this