COMMERCIAL FISHING FOR RED SNAPPER Longline fishing modern technique 2 days ago   10:12

FishKiller Allen
Please read my channel info The Commercial fishermen of America needs you support now.The so called conservation groups like the cca,nmfs,and pew have made stopping the commercial fishing into a big money making business with the donations from the public that does not know what is really going on and from government grants for thier bad data on the fish. Please do not believe all their lies about the fish population and the commercial fishermen .THERE IS NO SHORTAGE OF RED SNAPPER IN FACT THEY HAVE TAKEN OVER THE OIL RIGS!NO LAWS BROKE IN THIS VID!

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B. Bass Fishing
Nice video. Check out my fishing youtube channel. If you like my videos please subscribe to my channel.
Shannon Beasley
David caulter is a fish fucker lol u sound like a vegetarian lik u don't think it's a way of life queer git a life quit worrying about his
Lots of fish but no size just babies. Come to La. where the average is 15 to 20lbs instead of the 3 to 4 your catching there.
shelby vick
Fish on brother from a ocean city fisherman.
There is something wonderful about small boat, single line, manually hand-cranked reel, hand-cut bait fishing.   Only two person.  The other boat was just one person.  There is no by-catch.  The catch is species-specific.  No other animals or fish are harmed.  None of the gear damages or harms the ocean floor.  Minimal fuel is used.  Everything is manual. The meat of the fish stays good and it is brought back to the market FRESH. 
THIS is commercial fishing at it's very best.
phan duy hải
poor snapper!
אברהם חליף
Man jago
she keep coming n keep coming n keep coming....! lol stooop dude.
hamad alzaabi
thats a lot of damn fish
El Seba
I love this video

Made in Kuwait
1:47 what is boat company name
where i can find same it ?
D. Hernandez
this has to be George Carlin ranting away. Love it. Shame he died rest in peace.
whats the # of leader and size of hooks? great video
Holy shit... that's alot of red snappers... I love them things
Flathead Catfish Hunters
dumb ass! recreational fisherman catch more snapper a year then commercial fisherman go to NOAA and check the stats, its not just about what u get to catch with your little fishing pole, its about the country
Samuel Elliott
I love fishing. I love boats. I am a towbat skipper on the river and I build wooden boats for fun. Hoping the snapper fishing will be good once te red tide passes. Looking fwd to next year.
Jay Bird
I understand that you have to feed your families and you are out there breaking your back and that you probably have been doing this type of work for generations, but I have been offshore fishing "recreationaly" for 25 yrs and the reason I'm told why we cant keep but 2 snaps is because the commercial catch gets the lionshare of the quota.. plus we get less than 60 days before the nmfs close the season.. factor in horrible weather and you might get in 3 trips at 3.65 gal gas .. UNSUSTAINABLE !!
The Mask
Andy Hendricks
miss the water myself workd on a 56 ft steel hull called the southern cross i loved it
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Longline fishing modern technique COMMERCIAL FISHING FOR RED SNAPPER 2 days ago   12:28

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