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Yo Mama
Yo Mama Jokes by Animeme Studios
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MrYoutuber 3000
Yo mama so ugly even blind people stay away from her
Leila Zeryoh
#TeamBrody Yo mamma so hairy when she went to barber he died before he could finish cutting her hair
Jigme Thinley
Yo mama so American her favorite hero is captain america
I bet brody can’t pin this
don’t ! disrespect >:( slime _ like ^ that ++ 🦋
Vlogs vs Games
Yo daddy so bald his son was Baldi
Lady Angus Young Fan 1998
Yo Mama so ugly she made the sun go blind! Lol
Mohammed fakhri
yo mama is hot when she plays Fortnite she is the lava queen in the 🌋 volcano
Life of Esther 1234
Yo mamma so stupid she saw sponge bob she started to wash with him
Virginia Pagan
Yo mama so fat that she can fit in a car. Yo mama so stupid she thought pesi was a evil person
Suitablesphinx 3106
Yo mama's so fat she was the solar eclipse
*thedreadfulsoundwave 732*
Yo mama so fat Shrek mistook her for princess Fiona #TeamBrody
Ismail Legend950
#TeamBrody Yo Mama so fat, she takes a bath in the ocean.

Like so Brody can see this
Chantelle Ouimet
Yo mama so hot she is the reason of Global warming
Regina Mohamed
#TeamBrody yo daddy so bald when thanos snapped him his head was bald enough to reflect it
fnaf plush shorts vlogs
Patricia Lora
Yo mama so hot she burned the hole game baldis basics like if know dat 🎮
Alex Powell
Yo mama so ugly when pennywise saw her he ate himself!
zk RaDDudE
Yo dad is so stupid when you were born he named you after a sledge hamer
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YO MAMA FOR KIDS! Crossover Nexus Yo Mama so Slimy! Shrek 2 days ago   06:21

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