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Today we prepared a ton of lifehacks for your car! Learn how to make a quick holder for your mobile phone, clean headlights, keep cup holders perfectly clean and a lot more!
Toothpaste can not only clean your teeth, but it can also have unexpected ways to use. You will see a lot of fantastic lifehack with this inexpensive magic cleaner. Find out how to clean foggy and cloudy car headlights using toothpaste.
Moreover, we offer an awesome DIY anti-rain solution for your car. Mix some paraffin with white spirit and carefully apply to the car windows using a dry piece of soft clothes. You will totally like the result! This solution improves visibility for the driver on the road.
Use paper cupcake liners to keep cup holders in your car perfectly clean. If you ever got caught with flat tire there is a genius solution: get a scissor jack, a drill, and a big circle hook.
Use a cheap foam brush or kitchen sponge to dust between the AC vents.
Check out DIY smartphone holder for your car that you can make in one minute using only a binder clip and rubber bands. Attach the binder clip to a vent in your car. Wrap the rubber bands around the handle and attach the phone. Watch full tutorial in our video!

If you are afraid of hitting the wall in your garage, hang a tennis ball from a garage ceiling to use as a guide to not hit the wall. First of all, park your vehicle in the garage in the proper location. Take note of the approximate location of the vehicle’s windshield. Hang a ball and it should be close to the center of the driver’s side windshield. When you park a car drive forward only until the ball touches your windshield.
Use coins to diagnose tires. Watch our tutorial! There are several popular ways to check your tire tread depth. One easy way is the penny test - insert a penny into your tire's tread groove with Lincoln's head upside down and facing you. If you can see all of Lincoln's head, your tires are fine. If not – you need new tires.
As a bonus, you will find 9 golden parking rules, how to correctly jump start your car, how to correctly sit at the wheel and a lot more!

00:09 Smart anti-rain idea
00:51 DIY phone holder
01:42 Polishing headlights
02:30 How to diagnose tires
02:46 Golden rules for parking
10:11 Don’t warm up your car

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kam ahmed
I want my 11minutes back!
Oof boi 6389
I highly doubt these people are knowlegeble at all, any true car guy knows that pretty much all the stuff they say in the video is wrong except a few things
Oof boi 6389
The "correct" way to jump a car is wrong just like all the other bs in this vid
Pranesh Shine
What to do on foggy wind shield
Donna Hufft
*watches someone pour Coca-Cola over their headlight...
*shakes head and changes video...
This video is almost identical to a video they posted one year earlier
Yagnesh Patel
It is useful for science to make sure
Pretty Lady8
the toothpaste on headlamp doesnt work..just get a headlight polish..
The Simke
2:26 anybody tried?
Niyaz Nazar
That's not what I used to do.
Adam Hammoumi
Santiago Arteaga
3:08 this is why I have kids to make them move the cart
Assamese Entertainment majuli
What is this.. useless
Sami Da Vlogster
What is the toothpaste brand to polish the headlights
Shurahbil Mahmudul hassan
is this meant to be Bright Side or 5-minute crafts?
shweatank soni
For foggy windshield what u have used?
Denisse Valdesancho
I should craft all of this in 5 mins LOL
Jose Martinez
Hi Jose Said James is still
Rav Gill
This video is legit so useless. Part of it doesn’t even show what is used to Defog or polish the headlights

The rest, while I agree many people need to watch it, are not hacks by any means. They’re logical driving skills which one should have before getting their license (literally in the handbook you get for the written test before you can even get behind a wheel)
The advices for what to do if a car starts skidding are dangerously wrong. If you do that in a FWD car you will get a brutal snap oversteer which is worse than the skid.
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00:40 How to draw a circle with a drill
03:17 Fix your glasses with a paper clip
05:01 Genius kitchen gadget
06:31 Fast trick to sharpen a pencil

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