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Cambridge University Press ELT
Are you teaching with Interchange Fifth Edition? Then you could also be using the Interchange Classroom App in your classroom. It’s simple, effective and FREE for both teachers and students!

This video shows you how to use the app effectively in class to extend the material in the printed books to a digital environment.

The app content has been written specifically for Interchange Fifth Edition and relates directly to each unit of the course. Activities include polling, surveys and photo flashcards. The app is designed for classroom use, to deeper engage students, and to help teachers quickly assess student learning.

Android users: download from Google Play

iPhone users: download from the App Store

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José Garcia
Great but so difficult to purchase in Mexico.
Mhd Ashfaq
Quite boring. As teacher spends much time in asking ss to pick n put phones. Can be successful with higher level more serious ss.
This looks great but these pauses when the teacher looks at the screen to launch the questionnaire/enter the code/when students fill in the form are time-consuming in general, idk if this app would be a helpful thing to use considering the class time limits and total effectiveness of such a methodological/technological "innovation".
ايمان احمد
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10 ways Google Keep can streamline Interchange Classroom App - How to use it in your class 2 days ago   12:38

Google Keep is like digital sticky notes. Learn about ways it can simplify and organize your life in the classroom. This video is created by Matt Miller (@jmattmiller) from the Ditch That Textbook blog (