We Tried Following a Bob Ross Painting TRYING CHICK-FIL-A SECRET MENU 1 day ago   14:52

Morgan Adams
The video we followed: https://ai-tube.com/videoai/dGQDg_CqyLp

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Bob Ross rolling in his grave for 14 minutes and 51 seconds
Christine Haggerty
the midroll ads for this video were cheezits and Gucci.. looks about right.
Tatiana Aguilera
Honestly I love Garret’s painting it’s so unique ❤️🤗
Rorowlaku Rorokuro
GArrett what happened to you JAJAJAJA
Emily Metrik
even though garrett wasn’t doing it the right way, it still looked the best man
lion bear
how much for Garrett's painting?
moir4470 moir4470
Tejaswini Bhende
Morgan: Can you atleast give me like a PITY LIKE?
Garrett: Can you give me an Oreo?
"Who comes here besides us?"
Calla Nightshade
Just listening to the audio while I run the treadmill makes me happy and laugh lol
Katherine Michalec
oof when they use acrylic paint for this and not oil - thats why it looks so different. Oil paint can make all the difference in the world!
I LOOVVEE how Gareth is always doig things his way. He is truly different and amazingly creative and smart.
Gacha Macha
Why is Garret’s the best
gabriel angela
Dakota Avila
I have the STAAR test tomorrow and Morgan is my stress reliever
McKaylee Peeples
You rather sit on your phone
Shannon Wilk
The shirt isn’t inside out it’s backwards. I’m dead lol
Zabby's Chicken
ahh I really want to do this with my friends, I would have killed ittttt
Ryland your camera work makes my head hurt. It’s like so shaky! I feel like my Retina is going to fall off. Ugh 😑
Rebecca Mahon Dark Deva Of Destruction
i love that they have included my little Hufflepuff baby Garrett
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TRYING CHICK-FIL-A SECRET MENU We Tried Following a Bob Ross Painting 1 day ago   15:45

I realize that uploading this today will be heartbreaking for some since it's Sunday and Chick-fil-A isn't open. I SINCERELY apologize because when you see this Barnyard Biscuit you're going to hear your insides cry out for mercy.

Thanks to ma girl @lorynpowell for letting me subject her to all of these calories! Should we go to Taco Bell next?

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