Who could replace Chris Evans Mark Steel: The success of the Brexit 1 day ago   01:34

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Culture reporter Jacob Stolworthy takes you through the possible replacement for Chris Evans as host of the BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show.

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stacy skywatch
mindless garbage on all mainstream radio,, trained to talk to the slaves all day about mindless shit and useless nonsense to keep the dumbed down slaves stupid,,, can not even do 1 minute of any of these stations,,embarrassing ,, you really are mindless children,,
Robert Cooper
Sara Cox please!!! Love it when she steps in for Chris, such a warming voice and uplifting personality - great start to the day!
Andy Morris
Please let Tony Blackburn have breakfast show he is a real radio person he opened radio one as far as my vote Gos Tony for leader radio two needs a real nice man
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Mark Steel: The success of the Brexit Who could replace Chris Evans 1 day ago   06:09

Proper British jobs such as knight, chimney sweep, coming 26th in Eurovision and weeing in a foreign fountain will be reserved for BRITISH workers.