Gov. Murphy responds to Katie CNN anchor remembers his father, former 2 days ago   01:07

Gov. Phil Murphy on Wednesday maintained that he did not know about top staffer Katie Brennan’s allegations that another staffer raper her until October, when the man resigned. His comments came a day after Brennan testified about the matter in Trenton. (Video by Brent Johnson | NJ Advance Media for

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NJ Governor is not helping the legal citizens of NJ, he is demanding tax
increases to give to the Illegals.....Murphy needs to go....!
NOW...!!!! Did you know that because of Gov. Murphy if you sell your
home in NJ and do not buy another in that state you will pay at minimum
6% exit tax...! Did You know this? Did you know this? Did you know this?
Vin Nap
Lier lier. This is worst the bridge gate. If you really didn’t know you definitely very incompetent to be our governor.
But in her statement, she said that the Prosecutor's office said there was not enough evidence to prosecute him...they review all the medical and other evidence is Murphy responsible for something that happened at her house and not in Murphy's office headquarters. He doesn't work for Murphy anymore
I would be lying if i said this surprised me. He was only voted in because he said he would legalize pot. Once again NJ is stuck with another POS
Don T
"What the heck happened?" Your administration tried to ignore this woman sweep this under the rug and she went to the press.
The ease and degree of comfort he shows while lying is disgusting. He is a horrible person who ignored a staffers rape accusation. Shame on anyone who voted for this zero.
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CNN anchor remembers his father, former Gov. Murphy responds to Katie 2 days ago   06:05

CNN New Day anchor Chris Cuomo shares his fondest memories of his father, former New York Governor Mario Cuomo, who died last week.