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Manama (Arabic: المنامة , transliteration: al-Manāma) is the capital and largest city of Bahrain with an approximate population of 155,000 people, roughly a quarter of the country's population.
Manama has a tropical desert climate, varying from dry winter nights of 55F to humid summer days of 100F.


The Manama city skyline
Manama has emerged as the capital of independent Bahrain after periods of domination by Portugal and Persians earlier in its history. Today, it is a modern capital with an economy based around the sales promotion industry as crude oil takes a less pronounced role in the economy.
Get in[edit]
All roads in Bahrain lead to Manama, so see the main Bahrain article for details.
Get around[edit]
By taxi[edit]
Taxis are expensive, yet they are the only way to get around without renting a car. Extra charges are added to fares starting from the airport (2 Dinars) and any hotel (1 Dinar). Always use the meter or you will, guaranteed, get ripped off. A ride to the central parts of city will cost around 5-6 Dinars (US$13.30-$16.00).
By car[edit]
Renting a car is far more efficient economically. Manama is a small city on a small Island, you won't get lost for very long. Make sure to buy a map / it should cost around 0.50-1.00 Dinars (US$1.83-$3.65)
By bicycle[edit]
Altough bicycles are not popular, some hotel offer renting of them. There is no bicycle path in city, but cyclist ride on pavements, on way-sides etc.
See[edit][add listing]

Al-Fateh Mosque at night
Al-Fateh Mosque. One of the largest mosquast Governor of Bahrain, during Calendar year 18th October, 1937. At that time the building comprised of four Supreme Courts, apart from three Directorates. Later on, durinUNESCO World Heritage Site in 2005. edit
Bahrain Fort Museum - opened in February 2008. The first building comprises an exhibition hall and a child learning and training room whereas the second is made up of a conference hall, a cafe overlooking the sea, offices, a technicians suite and a dormitory for archeologists. Admission fee is two Dinar. Do not expect they have a lot of change, better bring two one Dinar bills with you. As often in Bahrain, you can pay in Saudi Rials as well. edit
Bin Matar House: Place of Memory. The Bin Matar House is the latest in a series of projects by the Shaikh Ebrahim Center focusing on the restoration of traditional Bahraini houses associated with historic Bahraini families and leading cultural personalities. The house was designed by the well-known Bahraini architect Mussa Bin Hamad and built in 1905. It was used by Salman bin Hussein Matar as the venue for his permanent "majlis" (a room similar to a salon, used to entertain family and guests). By the 1940s, it was used a clin,

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Hala Al Turk
I Love Bahrain 🇧🇭🇧🇭🇧🇭🇧🇭🇧🇭🇧🇭🇧🇭🇧🇭🇧🇭🇧🇭
Рустам Артыков
Ма ша Аллах и приветствует очень красиво смотрится ☝
Abdul Rehman
I love Bahrain
BuyerSeller. Asia
Bahrain still uncivilized: The Reef security guards are like Dog:

On my way back to USA from an Asian tour, stopped by the Reef to explore a possibility to purchase a vila, met with Ms. Soulayma Mouawad, the marketing manager and had a great discussion about the Reef project and how they are looking into foreign investors to buy/invest into their project, after my meeting, I asked her if I could drive by to get a feel of the place, she said absolutely I can. But when I stopped by an empty lot next to the ocean to take a photograph of my son with the ocean as behind, a security guard approached us like a dog and was very rude why we were taking pictures. In my reply, I said that I was taking few pictures of my son with the ocean background and he said "NO", it is illegal and forbidden in addition he harassed, threatened and was very rude to us.

Since I was in a foreign country and specially when I realized those people still uncivilized and living in Bedouin era, I did not want to tell him that he just not lost a possible sale for the Reef, but created such feeling with two American, who most likely will never step in such a place again, so left quietly without saying a word.

The amazing part was the security guard was following us when I was driving towards the exit gate and followed us until his other security guards stopped us on the main gate by realizing that we are foreigners and harassed us again and was burking like dogs. We stayed quiet and left the place immediately. Thank God, I don't think many westerners will go crazy to invest with these uncivilized people. Myself being a Muslim and my son growing up with Christianity faith, honestly I did not see anything of muslim's hospitality, or respect to a foreign guests or treat foreign guests with dignity from those people. Believe me, it looks very appealing from all these internet pictures, but in real life, the Reef and most of the Bahrain was an empty soul island.
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A drive through the man made palm shaped island, ends with a view of the Atlantis hotel.

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