INSANE Apple Leaks! The Future Samsung Galaxy S10+ Review! 2 days ago   22:18

The BIGGEST Apple Leaks So Far! iPhone SE 2 (2019), MagSafe iPhones, TONS of iPhone Leaks, 5NM Chips Possible, 3NM 2022 & SO Much More! + iOS 12.3 Beta 2 Full Review.

Last Apple Leaks.

PERFECT W1 Pairing Fake AirPods.

iPhone 11 Everything We Know.

16-in MacBook Concept.

iOS 12.2 Funny Bug.

Please Don't Juul.

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I am so sorry regarding the flashing images in the video, need to figure out the issue. I gave my iMac Pro away to render higher quality stuff so was editing on my MacBook Pro and not sure if Final cut caused it or the 3D modeling program. Won't happen again I promise!
AtaGuibor Hashem
Please, pray that notch out 🤦🏻‍♂️
Robot Cop
I’m still stuck with my iphone 6. Can you give me 1 pre-used iphone x.
I just hope they change how the camera looks. It still looks ugly to me. :(
I saw a guy on the train with th phone...
MH 3985
Wong Henry
Actually Iphone tech is already behind Samsung and Huawei. People keep choosing Iphone because of IOS, imagine that Huawei and Iphone run with software but different hardware. Would you choose Huawei/Samsung with IOS or Iphone with IOS?
Edgar Arredondo
so... no macbook this year?
yeah i don't take pictures so i don't need or like that huge box of cameras ill stick with my iPhone 7 with a nicer looking phone and camera
i always wanted an iphone.. but never was able to buy one..cuz of money.
can you send me one plz?
MSi User
no type c ? in ipgone??
MSi User
ridof dat notch
Nova Sketch
Apple sucks, change my mind.
So adorable! Work!
more cameras can't be evolution, that's is just stupid, they need to upgrade single cameras in order to need less and no more, that is real evolution....
Am I the only one looking forward to the iPod touch
zila khaleesi
I never win the giveaway, i hope this time i am lucky enough to win..
Markgil Cuna
I like the content of this video, keep me interested without realizing its already 22 minutes. Awesome video!
Paul Young
i won't miss 3d touch? boy i hope so.
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Samsung Galaxy S10+ Review! INSANE Apple Leaks! The Future 2 days ago   12:23

My Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Review & Why I'm Switching Back To iPhone After 9 Days of Use.. The best & worst of the Galaxy S10+!

S10 Speed Test.

S10 Durability Test.

S10 Camera Test.