New Jersey: Primary polls close Iowa primary set for Tuesday 4 months ago   04:40

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David Cruz talks about the two Republicans retiring from their house seats and the democrats vying to replace them. He also discussed how crucial voter turn out is in a state where registered voters typically stay home during the primaries. The state and local tax deduction is influencing campaign practices while Republicans try to win back the US Senate seat long held by incumbent Bob Menendez.

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Bucky Brown
Bob Melendez is a CROOK< LIAR AND PERVERT!! Please, DO NOT vote for this scumbag.
muhammad usman an independent senate candidate must taking the big lead over bob Mendez!
samatha madson
Moving from NJ its a lost cause. The whole entire state is corrupted and being taken over by Muslims. You wait and see the Blacks especially our going to wish this never happened.
Vote for taxes, ever higher and higher taxes, New Jersey. Don't mess it up in November by failing to cast those ballots for Dems.
Democrats can only flip burgers😉
Return of Zeus
New Jersey is infested with the mafia including the Apulian Mafia.
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Iowa primary set for Tuesday New Jersey: Primary polls close 4 months ago   03:48

Tuesday in Iowa, Democratic voters will decide which of five candidates will take on Republican Gov. Kim Reynolds in the state's gubernatorial election in November. Reynolds is seeking her first full term as governor of the Hawkeye State. There are also races in the state's first and third congressional districts that are expected to be closely contested, as the incumbent Republicans face challenges from Democrats. Rachel Stassen-Berger, political editor for the Des Moines Register, joins CBSN's "Red & Blue" with the latest.