The Terrible Typewriter (a Marko Kattilakoski From Beyond - Animated Short 6 months ago   09:57

Marko Kattilakoski
Director & screenwriter: Marko Kattilakoski
BEST COMEDY AWARD Silver Screen Film Fest Tampa USA 2017
SEMI FINALIST San Mauro Film Festival Italy 2018.
Film festivals 2015: H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival Los Angeles USA/ BoneBat Film Festival Seattle USA/ 20 Mins or Less Film Festival Chippewa Falls USA / Prokuplje Short Film Festival Serbia / Diamond in the Rough Film Festival Cupertino USA / HorrorQuest Atlanta USA / BUT Film Festival Breda Netherlands / South Texas Underground Film Festival USA / Northern Frights Canada / I Filmmaker International Film Festival Marbella Spain / EXIT Filmfestival Gävle Sweden / Stockholm H.P. Lovecraft Festival Sweden
Film festivals 2016: Rochester Filmmakers Community USA / Northeast Wisconsin Horror Festival USA
Film Festivals 2017: Weird Film Fest San Francisco USA / Filtsula Filmfestival Gävle Sweden / Silver Screen Film Fest Tampa USA
Film Festivals 2018: San Mauro Film Festival Italy

Henning Larsson Müller: Cinematographer & Camera.
Daniel Morin: Cinematographer, Editing & Sound Design.
Ronny Rasmusson: Music.
Actors: Marko Kattilakoski, Saga Kattilakoski, Daniel Morin, Martin Ahlman

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Lennise Fuller
You almost had me😄😄
Adrian Burchell
liked it, funny, and Im first to comment! that doesnt happen...
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From Beyond - Animated Short The Terrible Typewriter (a Marko Kattilakoski 6 months ago   09:42

An unsuspecting man falls into an otherworldly trap set by a psychotic genius in this spine-tingling animated film based on the short story by H.P.Lovecraft.