I Installed HUGE Junkyard Brakes Here's Why the Cheapest Aston Martin 5 months ago   17:07

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Chandler Holland
Make a new video i wanna see how much it changes by power
But how did you know they were bolt on?
Donovan Porter
Keep the wheels black and do the Calipers in Yellow. the cars is looking great so far.
Life of Leigh
Keep the rims black man!!!
Darius Pona
Make em white!!!
Andy Hoang
whats the wheel offset?
James Beatty
What’s the name of the wrecker place you got the brembos from?
Shakeel Khan
I am interested in the OEM calipers. Still for sale?. Email me shakberwyn@gmail.com Thanks
He's Supra-excited! It's the headlights that date the car.
Trippy Nate
when’s the next video ? ☹️
Where’s the next Supra Vid??
What did you do as far as making sure the master cylinder was large enough to deal with the larger calipers? How about brake bias being off because of the larger calipers?
Crazy Masina
They're not big you're just a tiny ladyboy.
Mrdavis 2019
Do you still have the RIMS????
hey! are you selling the stock one? i need upgrade too, rhd come with shitty brakes on the turbo model
brembos are allways red!
will jone
NA rear brakes are preferred so you can run welds in the rear
Sarge S
Love it. Probably not a popular choice but Brembos - Black w/ ? lettering. Wheels - Gunmetal or Graphite.
Stephen Stanton
Gunmetal. Black wheels are for 19 year olds and the new Honda Passport.
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Here's Why the Cheapest Aston Martin I Installed HUGE Junkyard Brakes 5 months ago   05:49

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