I Installed HUGE Junkyard Brakes Here's Why the Cheapest Aston Martin 2 months ago   17:07

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will jone
NA rear brakes are preferred so you can run welds in the rear
Sarge S
Love it. Probably not a popular choice but Brembos - Black w/ ? lettering. Wheels - Gunmetal or Graphite.
Stephen Stanton
Gunmetal. Black wheels are for 19 year olds and the new Honda Passport.
Hi , What About The Brake Master Cylinder ??? Did You Upgrade It Too ???? What About The Brake Bias / Proportional Valve Also ????? Did You Replace The Rubber Brake Hoses For Stainless Steel Hoses ????????? ????????
Kris L
looks nice man
Aaron White
I wonder if that master cylinder can make those brakes function the way they should in high load situations.
I think gunmetal would look dope.
Daniel Siebert
Wow those new ones have got some meat on them. Did you consider the trade off of the unsprung weight added by the larger rotors when adding the bigger calipers? I don't think it makes a huge difference at the level of horse power you're talking, just curious if its something that was part of your planning/consideration.
The ls400 brakes cool down better that the TT supra. But my main question is.. what fucking junkyard you find that kind of parts...?
Dude, are you absolutely retarded? Don't cut in a brake caliper like that. I've worked as a Performance Brakes mechanic/test driver for quite some time. Those calipers will crack; and quite violently as well. This is how people get killed.
Has a Supra. Uses cardboard box as work bench?
I don't have a supra but I noticed you had and installed Disc Brakes over the Rear Drum Brakes? How does E-Brake work?
Jack Ward
Hey, you do realize that cutting into the brakes makes them structurally weaker?
Corey Perkins
How much for the old wheels
Jason Ramirez
Keep them red
Jesse Murillo
Eduardo Alvarez
Dibs on wheels
Sf Mason
Did something similar on my BMW 330i (E46).. Raided a Porsche 986 Boxter 3.2 for it's brembos :D
Jf leduc
tav read your comments this was a dangerous video to show people mc prop valve all not changed cutting rotors miss matched pads and rotors cross drilled (=fracture points ) spacers non hub centric instead of to spec wheels. the list goes on...
That's an awesome upgrade, those things are monstrous. You should put an SRT8 badge on your supra 😂It would be a cool conversation starter.
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Here's Why the Cheapest Aston Martin I Installed HUGE Junkyard Brakes 2 months ago   05:49

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