I Installed HUGE Junkyard Brakes Here's Why the Cheapest Aston Martin 2 weeks ago   17:07

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Lil RedD
What's the spec on the wheels
Black is cool with white
Make the calipers purple, like a nice mix of magenta and just standard purple. It will look hot asf
Roger Skagerström
Wow. What a great brake adapter... It's a bolt on! Just have to carv away structural parts of the facking caliper to make it fit! Stupidest thing I'v seen since you welded the Lambo exhaust solid to the frame...
Dustin Ledbetter
where did u find brembos at a junkyard??? Haha nice find
denzyl casuela
Vincent Grepo
Shout out to Club Lexus Forums who are the originators of making brackets for SC/Supra chassis using SRT/ZO6 calipers and ISF rotors!!!!!!
steve golden
Bitchen upgrade , bitchen deal , bitchen content ......thanks for the bitchen post !
let the rims the way they are and the brakes👍🏾👍🏾
AC Rules
I stopped watching when you cut that caliper. nuy bueno. it will break soon
Paint the Brembo's yellow, then you can pretend they are from a Ferrari
David Hernandez
Make the wheels bronze🔥🔥🔥
rtifak cool
Gun metal goes well with any color.
Tom Clarke
I don't get this. I track cars regularly. I can't imagine fitting huge heavy brakes to any of my cars.

The amount of unsprung weight he just added is huge. Anybody who understands the difference between sprung and unsprung weight knows the relevance of doing so.

Most cars, particularly sports cars, have ample brakes as to be able to lock the wheels fitted as stock. If you can lock the wheels, your brakes aren't the weak point your tyres are. Adding bigger brakes won't imrpove this at all, in fact the added weight will reduce your braking ability slightly.

I've experienced cars with braking issues on track. The most common issue is brake fade. This is best addressed with different brake pad compounds, and in extreme situations ceramic disks, or where possible cooling ducting to manage temperatures. A bigger brake rotor can fractionally decrease brake fade, because the rotor surface area is greater and thus heat will dissipate more quickly, but the trade off of added sprung weight and more rotational mass offset any gains.

Essentially, this "upgrade" has probably made the car heavier and thus slower to accelerate and stop, increased rotational mass, and not addressed brake fade effectively. Furthermore, the car could probably already lock its wheels with the brake setup it had, making the whole process completely pointless.
Wolffang s
if your running power you might want to get some quality hub centric spacers that fit the aftermarket rim and ur bolt pattern also love the synthwave tavarish 👍
Donovan Pearson
Cream white Brembo calipers!!
Ben Greisler
Step away from the toolbox and everything will be fine.
Abroham Lincoln
gold wheels, do it.
3d Smack
Was a gr8 idier till I saw him remove 20% of a critical part of the caliper.
Zach quintaine-carlon
Would love those front brakes for my SC300 lol
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Here's Why the Cheapest Aston Martin I Installed HUGE Junkyard Brakes 2 weeks ago   05:49

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