HOW or WHY does this work? Vibrating Super Fast Drill Powered 1 day ago   12:14

HOW or WHY does this work? Vibrating Boat propulsion 🚤🚢 PART 2. One of the suggestions on the previous video was to try varying the motor speed so I made an RC version. It looks like the vibration was too much for the aluminium hull and it split but we still got some interesting results.

FlySky FS-T4B transmitter
FlySky FS-GR3E 3ch receiver
1S LiPo battery
20A brushed motor ESC
Poundland vibrating toothbrush

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Doc Ink
the one on the floor made me think halloween scare, hooked to a motion sensor the rattling and movement would be really ghoul
Convex chart 49
Super cool
Hermit Oldguy
Newton said a body at rest will remain at rest until a force acts upon it. (A body at rest has already got forces acting upon but they are either in equilibrium, or only so slightly different that friction prevents any motion.)
A body in motion will be influenced by weight, lift, thrust and drag.
Lift and drag will be uneven because of the irregular distribution of mass. Weight is constant. Thrust is cyclical in x and y directions.
So, on the floor, the boat should drift left or right - whichever's easiest (there's no forward thrust). A lot of energy is lost as noise.
In the water there's the added complication that some energy creates waves which are reflected back to the boat - a new source of force imbalance. And by virtue of it's shape, it will go forwards or backwards more easily than sideways.
I think there is a lot going on with your boat all at once. Including, but not limited to; i.e., Depending on vibration frequency, the troughs of standing wave patterns interact with the morphology of the bottom of the boat causing movement. Other factors probably include: tub size, centripetal force, gyroscopic procession, cavitation, effects caused by the magnetic field of the planet, as well as various interactions of these and other physics. Stay safe with those lipo's around water ;)
Mike Flight
I can't explain why the torque is not making it turn the opposite direction but I think I know why it is going forward. It has a split and when the frequency of the motor reaches a certain point it reacts to the split making it vibrate at just the proper frequency and therefore it acts like a vibrating paddle, pushing the boat forward. I noticed it only seemed to happen at certain speeds of the motor so I would think it moves forward due to the correct frequency being reached.
You might be on to a new sort of propulsion. Very interesting.
I did see a video recently of a slot car that worked with a relay, no motor in it. The relay had a little metal plate attached. When the relay vibrated fast the metal plate rubbed off a cylindrical gear. The gear was made in such a way that the metal plate could only move it in one direction, thus producing forward motion.
Here is the link:
It is a long video but he goes through the slot cars and the vibrating one is at 45:15 on his video.
Hello. You are can made Tesla coil ?
Mohamad B
Now that's a noisy boat!
Nighthawk Gliders
This is fascinating! 😳 We need Destin to explain this!
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Super Fast Drill Powered HOW or WHY does this work? Vibrating 1 day ago   08:26

First of all: thank you Ballistol for sponsoring my work!
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The drill i used is from Hitachi / Hikoki you can find it here:

This project was sooo much fun! I think i will come back to this concept and rebuild it with a couple changes. it is actually a bit too fast, i´d like to change that and also i would love to build a version in stainless steel so i don`t have to worry about rust.
so stay tuned for the update :)

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