Parts or Repair? - Philips AL990 Faking It: The Obviously Dubbed Telephone 2 days ago   16:27

If something is broken there’s little to lose but much to gain by attempting a repair - even when I don’t have a clue what I’m doing.

• I don’t want to plug this into power - so it’s fine that this part doesn’t work.
• I don’t need to use the alarm - so it’s fine that this doesn’t work.
• I used electrical insulation tape on the soldered wires as I couldn’t find my bag of heat shrink tubing.
• It uses 6 C-Cell batteries - the red battery release ribbon is looped behind the rear two batteries, so one pull of the tape releases all the batteries.
• I checked the polarity of the 12V DC plug by reading the service manual before I plugged by adaptor in
• This is not my first rodeo

• Try to just enjoy things as they come - it’s more fun than looking for holes in them. It’s a simple video about an old radio that just needed new batteries.I’m really not trying to fool anyone here - these types of videos take a long time to shoot but then are edited down to the highlights. Just like watching a 30 minute TV show where someone builds a house - you are seeing selected highlights - a house takes more than 22 minutes plus adverts to build and like that this video was spread over three days of shooting which accumulated about ten hours of video. If something isn’t shown in the videos it doesn’t necessarily mean I forgot it - I mean who in their right mind would leave bare wires pushed up against a circuit board - the suggestion is preposterous, of course I covered the wires...but no one really needs to see someone wrapping wires in insulation tape any more than they’d like to see me walking to the Amazon locker to pick up my aerial delivery or the hour long section where I tried to get both of the incredibly fiddly copper washers back into the new aerial.

It’s just a video it’s not a challenge.



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Kevin Song
13:18 Apparently you received some chinese channels 😂
£5 for a picture of a radio. One must be mad to pay anything for a picture of a radio...
I want Puppets!
This video makes me appreciate my Panasonic RF-2200 which has been collecting dust under my desk all this time. I've managed to lose the battery compartment door somewhere...
Starts listening shortwave number stations and spy messages.

Good old SW radios!
I'm a bit disappointed you didn't tune it to an amateur (radio ham) band like 14 MHz so you could have demonstrated the BFO I noticed. You can get a 'real' communications receiver quite cheaply such as the ICOM IC-R70 on Ebay - look at Put up a long wire outside and feed it into the house for indoor reception.
பெண் உலக மூலம்
Wash taysjjel
Zappa Woman
Like me with my beloved Casio CTK-731 keyboard. It stopped working, and I was hoping it was just the transformer. I bought some batteries, put them in and yelled, "She lives!" because it came back on again.
Chris Morse
Fascinating. I have great memories of being a kid listening to my ITT Combat radio in my bedroom and finding stations from other countries. It was a magical experience.
I just found a Panasonic DR22 at a thrift store for £10! Couldn't believe it. Works great and everything :)
Ben H.
Great video!
Didn't expect to hear a Chinese song here😂😂
M Hoppy
Can’t believe some of the comments to which you have alluded in the description above. I really enjoyed this one. Thanks Matt. Lr
Squirrel Monkey
Love your videos!
I’ve currently own a National Panasonic DR28 which cost me only a few bucks and some repair.
It still got a nearly broken power switch which is really hard to fix but I used a way around it: the Radio stays in the (on) position the whole time and is plugged into a TEAC TT-2 HiFi-timer which turns the power on and of...
what sounds linke a overkill is actually pretty neat: this two radios now form a very fancy clock radio.

Besides that, I’ve managed to get my hands on an old National Panasonic GX 400 and (what’s way cooler) it’s Japanese counterpart the cougar no7.

The number seven was briefly featured in one of the Neon Genesis Evangelion movies 1.11 or 2.22... it stood on shinjis desk and catches immediately my attention because of its cyberpunk-military aesthetics.
We had one National brand (Japanese) radio and cassette player. After its cassette player broke a loop string inside I opened it's back and after few times I never closed it, because it was old and something inside would brake at anytime. I could use it perfectly while open. Its shortwave radio was my internet that time. I felt myself connected to the world using that and I learned even few languages (including English) and listened to songs of many languages that I never learned. I was so used to the noises that after digital technology I couldn't bear the high quality of the same songs and radios. For a long while high quality voice and music didn't sound "natural" to me :D
gary price
Billy turned the dial on his short wave radio
How he wanted to talk to the people
He wanted his own show
Tune in Moscow Tune in New York
Listen to the Welsh kid talk
Don't know why the stand-by symbol looks so modern to me! I checked and it was introduced in in 1973. Wow
Mr Carlson's Lab
Hi Techmoan. They must really like my photo, seen at 0:44 in your video. The receiver shown (a restoration video on my channel) is a CRF-320, not the 330K as mentioned. You can clearly see there is no tape deck option on the CRF-320, where as the 330K has the option, and is much taller.
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Faking It: The Obviously Dubbed Telephone Parts or Repair? - Philips AL990 2 days ago   14:56

If you lived in North America any time in the 20th century, you probably ran across one of these telephones. The Western Electric Model 500 and its subsequent variants were so ubiquitous that you almost couldn't go anywhere without seeing one, especially in the United States where it was standard equipment from the phone company.
Even if you're not American, if you've seen any of our movies, you'll have seen this phone, too. A literal fixture of American life, this phone was inescapable. But its ubiquity also caused some filmmakers or TV show producers to get a little lazy. This video tells that story.

Here's a link to the video of the Model 500 from 1958. Yes I said 1957 in the video. I am truly sorry. My oversight is abhorrent. I am ashamed.

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