My First Kiss I Was Friend-Zoned 2 months ago   05:44

😗Originally this was the 6th video I uploaded to youtube when I first started. Before HD or even widescreen lol; This time for the remix I included some details that I left out of the first version (like the fact that I worked at the hotel this all happened at)

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Animators: Chris + Alex

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Captain Asssassin009
This video I want to come true for me
Life with AMelia
2:43 to gossip DUH
Undestructable guy
I would rather die than kiss a girl. The thing goes DISGUSTANG!!!
Undestructable guy
Strong at bark weak at bite.I would really see him next to girls in real life.
Kimberly Pineda
The girls go to the bathroom because just if they get raped they have someone to help them if they need it
Charizard Playz_YT
In this video i think the girl wanted more speacial........Just Look At Her Eyes at5:16
*and sceeerd*
ايمان_سان iman_san
I got my first kiss with my boyfriend 😙😋
zombieleader god
I had surley temple before
zombieleader god
Soda sexy
UnderFresh !Sans
This is what happend to me in the school when I was a kid he grabbed me pushed me on the corner he kissed me he said he love me and I said I don't want girls I'm allergic to them and he write a note he's gonna come to my house and kiss me in my sleep and I screamed DADDY WTF IS THIS WHY IS THERE A LIPSTICK ON MY FUCKING MOUTH and my dad said your girlfriend came here named sasha and I said to my dad WHY U DO DIS TO ME
Marion Holland
Hehe........ Uh.....
Mario Pie
4:16 ah shit the hell thats not kissing thats licking you chin and your face in each others tounges also the girl still has that bra and that girl under wear also do you use axe perfume i cant even spell it axe deodjurent im bad at spelling also where was i ah yes that axe i was telling you dont bring axe perfume girls smell your perfume and say
And the girl is like *MOANING WHILE SPRAYING*
Shawn Weaver
OMG wtf
Speedy Boy
one day one video
Funky Freddy123
Gachaverse/life Funny,Scary,And Else
Quinton Terry
U r so funny i lav my hed off
Mario Pie
Dude: so i put her there and i grabbed her and pin her to the well and boom!!!!
Dude: hey the hell man...
Me: its mine now
Dude: get over here

( •^•)
/ >🔪 ima kill her (me)

/ > help me babe (girl)

To be continued or something like that
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I Was Friend-Zoned My First Kiss 2 months ago   03:16

By Zarina | Subscribe: | Record your story @ or our iPhone app for a chance to get animated. Comment, like, share this story. WATCH MORE:

Zarina and her best friend Alicia were just hanging out on a Summer day, just before school started. Typical teenage girls, they were busy on snapchat. Zarina was particularly interested in this one boy - a hockey player - and she had a huge crush on him. Of all the boys in her school, he was her favorite, her school crush.

She thought he was so sweet, and cute - first love. And, to make things more complicated, they were kind of friends, helping each other with homework sometimes and sitting together at lunch. More than anything, she wanted them to be boyfriend and girlfriend, a couple.

Alicia leaned over and saw his snapchat on Zarina's phone and came up with the bright idea of confessing her crush to him. At first Zarina said "no way," she was scared of getting rejected, scared that he would tell her that they were just friends and she would die of embarrassment. A confession could be an epic fail. But Alicia was very convincing - and, finally, convinced Zarina to do it!

Zarina was so nervous that Alicia finally grabbed the phone and started texting for her. She wrote a long text "I've liked you for a really long time now, and hopefully we can get together..." a real confession of love! At the end she wrote, "But it's okay if you don't like me," and Zarina jumped out to grab the phone - "WAIT! Before you send it I want to read it" - but it was too late. Alicia had sent the message.

Zarina freaked out! She was hyperventilating - all of her massive second thoughts were too late! She spent the next two hours panicking - staring at the phone - waiting for a reply, anything.

Suddenly, her phone chirped that there was a response! Zarina snatched up the phone but couldn't bring herself to read what he had written. She wanted to know, but she also didn't want to know - not if it was terrible news, not if confessing her love to her crush made things awkward and with the whole "let's just be friends" thing - she couldn't handle that! So, Alicia grabbed the phone and told Zarina that she would read it first and let her know if it was good or not good.

That sounded like a plan. Alicia opened the snap and Zarina hid in a bush, too nervous to know what to do, but also excited. After a minute Alicia looked up with a sad face - NOT GOOD - and all she said was "Girl, I'm really sorry." Fail!

At first Zarina thought she was joking, which would be in character for Alicia, and so Zarina said "Okay, c'mon. What does it say." And so Alicia read it out loud: he didn't like her the same way - DID NOT - and then he said it, the friend thing - Zarina was heart broken. She wanted to undo the whole thing so badly - wished she hadn't done it.

She had to answer him, so she said it was no problem, but inside she was a mess, crying. She was so embarrassed. In fact it was one of the most embarrassing moments of her life, an embarrassing fail. And lets face it, embarrassing fails are not something we will ever forget. And this embarrassing story was no exception.

After school started they weren't awkward together, and they still talk and hang out sometimes, but, she still wishes that he had returned the crush, and honestly, she still has a major crush on him! Love story or epic fail? Well, a little bit of both.

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