Watch Trump speak from Rick Sanchez maps out G20 winners 7 months ago   17:28

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Dustin VanderMost
Body laungage and vocal tones suggest: Canadaian and usa leadership butting heads while mexico grovels at the super power and the great power that both enjoy interwoven western hemisphere dominance

Trudeu and trump.bicker but its still usa and canada, more or less a shared agenda
The Swedish American
trudeau is such an incredible dooche nozzle.tip of the buttplug
jon smith
Max will rip it up next year!
Alex Weng
Canadian prime minister didn’t show any admire to Trump. Well, of course he didn’t, and he didn’t have to
Thorny Dig8
TRUMP 2020
Paul Badman
dude serious, Google OBS your capping software is garbage!
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Rick Sanchez maps out G20 winners Watch Trump speak from 7 months ago   06:27

Rick Sanchez reports on the latest diplomatic moves of various world leaders in their final preparations for the G20 summit.

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