RC Maisto Extreme Beast Bursdon Headquake's RC - #204 (67 Scout Full 5 months ago   15:45

RC Maisto Extreme Beast Bursdon Moor hat camera view. An alternative view to the TrailerCam on my RC Maisto Extreme Beast Bursdon Moor https://ai-tube.com/videoai/1FPvnoufGFt I could have done "picture in picture" but feedback on previous videos indicate people prefer the full picture. One other point worth mentioning is this is TOY grade RC and has no brake so on the steep sections the only way to slow or stop is to use reverse.

Location 50°57'01.4"N 4°28'03.6"W
50.950389, -4.467663

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Headquake's RC - #204 (67 Scout Full RC Maisto Extreme Beast Bursdon 5 months ago   19:11

Here's another full classic truck body build video. This time its a 1967 International Harvester Scout 800. 50 hours of work edited down to a peppy 19 minutes, including "1st ride" footage at end. May 2015. *Build notes below.

Materials used:
-3/4" pine board,
-1/4" masonite (press board)
-3mm Komacel (pvc sheet)
-1mm styrene sheet
-clear plastic from blister packs and juice bottle
-2mm thick wire
-aluminum L channel
-Carpenter's wood glue
-thick CA glue
-wood filler
-green putty
-white acrylic wood primer paint
-various coloured acrylic craft paints
-Flat black acrylic wood paint used thick or thinned with water for "wash" paint.

Tools used:
-Hand saw
-sharp boxcutter
-Dremel rotary tool with 60 grit carving wheel
-sandpaper holders with 60 and 120 grit paper
-various clamps
-steel rular
-scribing tools
-leather hole punch
-pliers, scissors and screwdrivers
-couple wore out paintbrushes

-GCM 4ten chassis, front trans mount and transfer case.
-RC4WD k44 axles, wheels and Mudcountry tires.
-Axial trans
-Tamiya long leafsprings
-Tekin FXR esc and 45t brushed motor
-spektrum radio

-Canon 60d
-Gopro hero3

See the Build thread at the ScaleBuildersGuild forum.

Headquake facebook page.