Top 100 Viral Videos of the Year 2018 Bad Day at Work - Best Funny Work 4 months ago   30:44

Welcome to JukinVideo's Top 100 Viral Videos of 2018! We've collected the best videos from this year and are ready to serve them up to you. From bear attacks to creepy clams, playful pranks to kid catastrophes and everything in between, check out the top 100 for the silliest, craziest, and most relatable videos of the year. Let us know what your favorite was in the comments!

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1:44 follow the damn train cj!!

btw subscriber me pls
hazard eden
second clip .... selfy stick was not connected to mobile 😅😂😂😂😂😂
ryan zoleta
hahaha lols. try watch this girl shes so funny too
oof what is the music at 17:00 ? I have an idea and I could use that song.
Ryan Yancy
mo arif
The neon Gamer
Not viral
7:22 jest i Polski akcent XD
goose hunter
Κατερίνα Μπακάλη
Ένας στο 1:27 Έλληνας στα 100 viral βίντεο ουαου😀😀😀😀
The first one is FAKE, fish tend to wiggle if they are alive. Why are half of cell phone users incapable of turning their phones sideways? One dumbo actually insisted that her phone would only take videos in vertical!😖
Leigh Hewit
5:50 ''Daddy says to come on and stop fartin' with the mannequin.''
5:10 bro more like 20 feet and 3 ton!!!
Σάββας και Γιώργος gamers
Και έπεσε το κινητό
Qayyum Rajput
Hi friends if u want to become slim then u must try it
Leah Ho
its funny how a video about viral videos goes viral
Adam bennion
0:54 dang, that could have been used for Elon
Those pies will haunt my dreams for the rest of my life
Hugo Heyward
21:37 do not grab a shark like that, when you pull them backwards they are suffocating
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Bad Day at Work - Best Funny Work Top 100 Viral Videos of the Year 2018 4 months ago   15:05

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