my brother KSI REACTING TO TRUE HORROR STORY 2 weeks ago   09:28


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Naoki Garcia
To be fair when you said a god wont treat his family like shit.....Zeus literally ate his own kids.....
Trevon Studios
deji im ur new support bro
Trevon Studios
ksi is selfish and stuck up not gonna lie
i agree with deji
Daring Plays
the more i watch these videos the more i hate ksi
Skillucious Bros
Dejis parents wouldn't be proud of the beef with JJ.hah LOL!!!!!!!
Jay Yates
I say we make this have the most subscribers YouTubers ever seen a make it the most successful channel out there better than PewDiePie's channel let's showcase I the comedy shorts gamer is the better person
Riikka Lahti
Ive always watched Dejis videos. And I dont care if this is fake or not, but what ik KSI always treated Deji wrong not gonna lie.
Purple Cayotte
Christmas is going to awkward this year.
Pro Rider
I can’t say I disagree with Deji, family must respect each other
Emmanuel Wani
Mason Sharpe
You just saw that you could get a lot of views out of this deji, you are talking a load of crap💩
WAsian Gamer Reacts
man you lit anime reaction with youtubers
James Cappetta
KSI sucks KSI sucks KSI sucks KSI sucks KSI sucks KSI sucks KSI sucks KSI sucks
Deji is awesome Deji is awesome Deji is awesome Deji is awesome Deji is Awesome
lowkey i feel like this is staged bc now deji is raking in views lmao
Sheldon J. Plankton
Looking at the two different sides (plus experience in being a middle child and solving all the problems) this is all one big misunderstanding
when ur brother doesn’t let u play the xbox
Edward Kimani
dont support him when he does wrong thats not how relationships are supposed to work
Gino Huerta
1 year later, ily bro
Gino Huerta
we're done, never will i raise my son
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REACTING TO TRUE HORROR STORY my brother KSI 2 weeks ago   31:51

Reacting to animations is back again where we look at true story scary animations
If we reach 30,000 likes I will make another video reacting to ANIMATIONS
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