Kentucky Sheriff Says Federal Applying For Concealed Firearm Permit 2 days ago   02:09

Jan. 15th

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Candy Troy
We need more law enforcement officials like this that abide by their oath to protect the constitution.
Constitutional Carry baby! God bless the Bluegrass.
Mark Rigsby
Join the NRA.
Mark Rigsby
Good sheriff.
Shane Stephen
This is typical in a small town. Get real. This dude is still prolly crooked af
Don Jones
he said AK-47's, I think he miss spoke because AK-47's are full auto. AR-15 is legal. look similar.
raymond cook
God bless America and we is Americans need to take America back by any means necessary from these idiots God bless you and keep doing a good job
Genocide King
This dude is AWESOME!!
_griffypeaches _
We can have death machines and untaxed religion but not weed. Sigh. Fuck ky
The Jim
Good kentuckians will back him up!
Jacob Fox
good job sheriff
Clif R
So does that mean that decade old convictions (federal ex-felons) will be able to carry in his county. The damn federal government has that damn life time ban on federal ex-felons.
Amanda Staffa
give this man a raise!
"We don't want a blood bath in our community. It's going to have to be taken care in our court rooms before it comes to that point." This doesn't sound like the words of a man who intends to take meaningful action if it does "come to that point."
Johnny H
Sounds like a good Sheriff. Long live freedom.
Robert Tucker
1000 unneeded guns...jackson cnnty is crazy...
This asshole has it wrong about his power. If he was to go up against federal law he'd get the federal government & its army to make his ass reinforce it. There will be no courtrooms. Obviously he doesn't remember the federal goverment moving troops into the south to make rogue officers reinforce federal laws. This bald headed rogue piece of shit will be taken out.
Jack Yang
We have to band together America or those socialist elected officials in D C will take away all of our rights as Citizens of this Great Nation!
If the gun law would not apply, how about Marijuana? That is Kentucky's number one cash crop.
Obama The only God and King will disarm gang bangers
obama put your crack pipe down
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