Brothers Wrecks (Aida and Numida) World Record Wreck Dive 2 days ago   06:10

Red Sea Explorers
This is one of the most spectacular dives on the Red Sea. This dive start our with divers passing below the Aida wreck at around 75 meters. Then moving around the Reef to Numidia, up through its hull form 80 meters to start the deco inside the wreck at around 21 meters. Then they scooter back to the boat passing over the Aida wreck again. What is important to notice in this video is the skills of the video operator, Nick Poole. He is conducting the same dive and taking these spectacular shots with seamless panning in and out. At the same time handling all his gear and scooter and all.

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Valentina dettmer
nome da músicaa?
Constan Montes
Great, realy great
I have to echo Deef... Awesome!

I think that's an automatic response when you see your buddy doing a barrel roll you have to automatically do one also... but making that shot into the bracket was beautiful!
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World Record Wreck Dive Brothers Wrecks (Aida and Numida) 2 days ago   07:12

World record wreck dive made on the Milano wreck on 236 mtrs in Lago Maggiore (Italy) on May 10th 2008 by Mario Marconi, Alessandro Scuotto and Pim van der Horst during the Dynamic Dive Exhibition 2008 (on Ouroboros CCR)