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Bruce Lee, Matt Damon; Tyrese Gibson; Ray Lewis; Neil deGrasse; Greg Plitt

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Fearless Motivation

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Big Sim
Love how Bruce repeatedly says human being. He has transcended race and become like water.... One love
Ezekiel Blue
That's crazy.
i like what he says to express u self is honestly true . To express be yourself in art music uniquely u are express how you feel or see world or to truth. No one can fake true. Still people don't say lie to be like you but they can't be less than honest. If the love a person has another uses to profit It will end bad for them.
uryu Ishida
be shapless...what did he mean..??
Welcomedcompany Lol
I listen to this and I want to cry, it humbles me, it makes me realize to be myself. I keep looking out, but this reminds me to look within. Because within is where you find true happiness.
Xolaninokwe Maxwell
Bruce sounds like he was born way ahead of his time infact he seems to have transcended time cause of the things he said still aren't understood today
chaparro joe
I make music to express myself. And motivation is the best tool.
Andre Roy
"If you never push your limits, they will never move" Andre Roy
mohammed sami
Thing only thing which is missing in life is Bruce lee
Tol Abi
if you put water in a cup, it becomes the cup, if you put water in a theepot it becomes the theepot. if you put water in me it becomes Pis..
John Wonder
At 3:15 what God is he talking about???...When it comes to the "Invisible" anyone can assign their God ...I'm gay and people close to me tried to talk me out of what I am naturally ... But when you bring God into the picture certain rules and discrimination comes into play given which God one is talking about ..So the mention of God killed his advice in my view.
YouTube TV - São Paulo Brasil
Victoria Galvan
We named are dog after you
rocky du
shanllie Richards
NellyBoy 86.0
Mutivasion Klio
I was sitting in class thinking that this group of people were making fun of me behind my back.. I was overthinking
I think I am ugly... I am overthinking
Noones like meh.. I’m overthinking

spiritual tom
Dave Monteban
the more you focus on becoming like someone else, the more you distance yourself from reaching your own true potential. focus on who you are and don't give up. It's gonna be hard and it won't be comfortable or fun, but in the end you will become the greatest version of yourself and no one will ever take it away from you because you came this way. ''Don't let nobody steal your dream''
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Alan Watts ~ Exploring Your Get Out of Your Head & Start Expressing 2 months ago   12:44

Alan Watts on Facing Your Own Shadow...

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