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Bruce Lee, Matt Damon; Tyrese Gibson; Ray Lewis; Neil deGrasse; Greg Plitt

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Fearless Motivation

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Bruce still had more wisdom to share and more to fulfill in this world but he was murdered
And what about those who touch the untouchable and break the unbreakable?
Olivia Tarantola
Be water my friends, be water!!
Olivia Tarantola
So appreciative of this wisdom..
pavan kalyan
Bro plz ambani meedha oka vedio Chey I want know about him
Gijoe215062056 Ham
You guys stole and keep stealing.
Gijoe215062056 Ham
Your interesting
Keep moving forward!!!! Who I am and who I want to be have to link up period !
Gray Miles Gaming Channel
Deep. I wish he was still alive.
Forgive My Sins Ya Allah
Lee dai kor ❤️
Matt Skiba
Being Savage is better than being Average
Christopher Nogales
Who is they guy speaking at 6:00?
FX Hacker 91
After conquering homeless, death of my father, mental illness and addiction, im not saying im tough but if you put me in hell, ill kick the devil in the face and make him my bitch.!!! May God Almighty bless us all and everybody you love. Amen.
Jessy Lara
Bruce Lee was ahead of it's time.
Ford Cobra Boss 427
Its a shame our best and brightest, our youngest minds are subjected to a educational paradigm in direct opposition to the true ways of empowerment and self discovery, what our current school system does to our young is criminal. They want to prepare cookie cutter conforming obedient subervient drones, nothing more.
I would teach our young ones these philosophies and principles from preschool on up.
Sarah sankey
Bruce was so hansome 💕💕
Eco clean Green
Only those that can see the invisible can do the impossible.

Chase your dreams,be disciplined,be courageous yeah your family might not like it but after all your making dreams for them,your coming home to them after work,your out busting your ass of for chase you’re dreams then make memories for your family.
Be good to others
Be positive about your passion.
And when you make it up the ladder a little,lend a hand and pull someone else up
putting a video clip of a fake bruce cgi ping pong match cheapens the video. re-edit.
Josh Stakey
Yes he was the greatest and still is forever
I wonder if Bruce Lee ever dealt with weak will power. When its night does he eat junk food.
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Alan Watts ~ Exploring Your Get Out of Your Head & Start Expressing 4 months ago   12:44

Alan Watts on Facing Your Own Shadow...

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