Abandoned Homes Plague Tijuana's The abandoned skyscrapers of Detroit 2 days ago   04:09

In the past few decades, millions of Mexicans became homeowners thanks to higher salaries and government aid. The increased demand fueled a boom of low-cost suburbs in cities like Tijuana. But now, many of those suburbs are falling into disarray, and residents have fled. There are an estimated 50 thousand abandoned homes in Tijuana and some 600 thousand across Mexico. In this second in our series exploring Tijuana's history and neighborhoods, Jill Replogle from our Fronteras Desk explores why.

Read more: http://www.kpbs.org/news/2014/jan/09/abandoned-homes-plague-tijuanas-outlying-suburbs/

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Ander Ander
San Diego in a few years
Vicente Acero
Corruption is the resume of these video.
damian medel
I say nuke the neighborhood... You gotta nuke something.
Francisco Casiano
The people are the problem
Ask a mexican where are the most sketchy places to not lay a foot on (Ask me anything).
Sad to see a country filled with culture, a d history to appear in ruins. Crime, corruption, lack of empathy and respect for one another is the image here. I dont blame the trump administration for wanting to forbid a 3rd world way of living.
colt45 Peacemaker
Somehow I felt Free when I visited Tijuana many times.
Jack Spratt
Dumb ass Mexicans. they can't ever do anything right. the gov't is so corrupt and run by the Cartel. They will ask the US for a handout, ha. maybe they will move in all the infiltrators that are trying to get into the US.
Tasha Washington
Why we can't have those little shanties in American for 1000 a month with light gas and internet included?
Roger Freeberg
It just shows that Mexicans cannot adapt to a normal life. They destroy everything that they come in contact with. They bring their trash , pets , chickens junk cars  and everything else a normal human being would not. They vandalize the area around where they live including their own homes and have absolutely no respect for their neighbors. But they all want to live in the US. God help us....
zombie wire
Many Americans go to Tijuana to spend money but they also shit on the place. Right on the the US side of the border where a Mc Donald's sits their bathroom doors are torn off with filthy toilets and sinks. I am stating this because I would like something to be done about the problem. I am from San Diego.
Joseph Traina
Of course the neighborhood is abandoned.THERE all over on the MAINLAND, in the Welfare Line.Watching this short film I can HONESTLY say they DON'T appear to be starving.
Pepe Lepew
They need our 2nd amendment, to clean up the riff-raff. Like in the USA, you call the police it is too late when they come. And why always in the poor areas always you see trashes, nasty. C'mon, show you get a good education: Respect your neighbors and the neighbors will respect you and keep quiet area.
You guys are missing whats going kn being rude to himless is what government counts on
Jason Kay
Obviously, these people never heard of the saying, "treat the place like you live there.".
You buy a brand new home and then first thing you do is take the bar-b-que out to the garage and call it a "restaurant"????
Roulette Dan
Im sorry, Tijuana is not a place you want to live. Americans who want to retire. Stop thinking this is your Paradise because it's $100 a month rent. (Is not worth Your life)
If you don’t have “respect” and pride in “self”.... then your home and neighbor.... DON’T MEAN SH*T!

It’s the community... the homeowners that need to take the “initiative”... A can of paint and constant “awareness” keeps a neighbor prosperous..

And the slogan should be: “NOT in my hood!”
If I were there I would move into one of those empty places, put some doors and locks on it, paint and fix it up. I did it before for 2 years. My friends landlord claimed bankruptcy on his building and he told me he didnt care if I moved into the empty apartment. So I moved in and lived rent free for 2 years.
Giovanni S C
Wooow the USA should give them freedom from the government ( sarcasm ) the government is keeping the people poor . We need military intervention like in Venezuela ( sarcasm )
John Lupo
Speak Without Spanish Words!!
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The abandoned skyscrapers of Detroit Abandoned Homes Plague Tijuana's 2 days ago   05:31

The Telegraph visits the abandoned skyscrapers of Detroit, USA, where the population has fallen from 2 million to 800,000. Alastair Good meets the residents who are searching for solutions.

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