Abandoned Homes Plague Tijuana's Exploring America's Ghost Town 1 day ago   04:09

In the past few decades, millions of Mexicans became homeowners thanks to higher salaries and government aid. The increased demand fueled a boom of low-cost suburbs in cities like Tijuana. But now, many of those suburbs are falling into disarray, and residents have fled. There are an estimated 50 thousand abandoned homes in Tijuana and some 600 thousand across Mexico. In this second in our series exploring Tijuana's history and neighborhoods, Jill Replogle from our Fronteras Desk explores why.

Read more: http://www.kpbs.org/news/2014/jan/09/abandoned-homes-plague-tijuanas-outlying-suburbs/

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If you don’t have “respect” and pride in “self”.... then your home and neighbor.... DON’T MEAN SH*T!

It’s the community... the homeowners that need to take the “initiative”... A can of paint and constant “awareness” keeps a neighbor prosperous..

And the slogan should be: “NOT in my hood!”
If I were there I would move into one of those empty places, put some doors and locks on it, paint and fix it up. I did it before for 2 years. My friends landlord claimed bankruptcy on his building and he told me he didnt care if I moved into the empty apartment. So I moved in and lived rent free for 2 years.
Giovanni S C
Wooow the USA should give them freedom from the government ( sarcasm ) the government is keeping the people poor . We need military intervention like in Venezuela ( sarcasm )
John Lupo
Speak Without Spanish Words!!
el toro
Thank God I live in America,depressing looking place
Roberto Ramirez
Neoliberal right wing policies
Rachel Pollock
How about that..... there are plenty of room for the deported illegals. Plenty of room for the ones bitching in Tijuana about housing.
Tony Bochene
I lived in San Diego for 15 years, back when it was a beautiful pristine city by the ocean. Now it's just like L.A. and thanks a lot to the liberals who are still welcoming all the illegals with open arms. Actually the liberal California bankrupt Govt. just passed legislation giving illegals free college!!!! Tijuana is a shit hole. Always was, always will be. They should just dig a big hole and shovel it in, and I promise no one would miss it.
abc def
Steve Taxpayer
What filthy, horrible slobs so awful they keep dogs on chains.

Instead of raising their children to be graffiti spraying gang members, why don't Mexicans raise there children to be honorable, law-abiding, clean adults that are good stewards of the environment that don't reproduce unless they are capable of caring for their offspring?
George Nolan
Why don't they move North to America where they have a chance???
Jerry Moody
Hey Mexico... that's allot of homes for those "poor" people in the caravans. America doesn't want them.
Robert Boyd
Tijuana has lots of problems and with these developments. There are usually put in areas where someone within the government we'll make a big profit off of the land. Most of these houses are built of a substandard materials and many of them are connected like apartment buildings where are they share walls with their neighbors. If you go through these developments you will see walls cracking and other types of problems. Many of these developments don't have full-time water which leads the people to store water in 55 gallon drums, which leads to the proliferation of mosquitoes. The municipal planning department in Tijuana is affected by a lot of corruption. F1 drive-through downtown Tijuana or the Rio area, one will see lots of buildings without any thought of where the clients of the businesses or the residence will park their cars. Little by little, Tijuana is strangling itself with motor vehicles and traffic because of the lack of planning or sidestepping the planning process through corruption.
Rabid Farmer
when u put the low- lives together all you get is demise...time and again.
Ronald Cardoni
Please don't come to the U.S.
Yep! Build a new house for a Mexican and they'll destroy it and complain about it. They won't take pride in it and they won't take care of it and other Mexican criminals will invade it. Perfect experiment to illustrate the low life mentality that Mexicans have. Its in their nature to live subhuman.
shooter4hire shooter4hire
Bitch keeps her dog chained up during summer winter raining season I know I've been to Tijuana and see this all the time
Gee Speller
Fam there so poor but keep making 👶👶🍼
Gee Speller
This is why no one wanna live near Hispanics and am one of them
John Bryant
Imagine never being able to escape your own people
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Exploring America's Ghost Town Abandoned Homes Plague Tijuana's 1 day ago   03:48

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