My *NEW* Backyard PIG ENCLOSURE!!! SAVING TRAPPED FISH and TURTLES 2 days ago   10:02

Paul Cuffaro
Today i clean my garage full of piglets and buy/ set up a NEW pig cage! Also a quick update on some of my pets around the house.. don't miss this!

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Jade Maree
How old is the kid? He looks way too young to have his license
Deasia & aniya Records
I can't believe you happy I want I don't want any pigs but
Student Antonella Andrio
Hi omg I’m ur biggest fan and I really need help selling my pigs can u reply to me plz I really need some advise love u ❤️❤️🐷
Ella Doughty
Paul I just wanna say 2 things. One u should keep all the piglets exsept the one for ur friend and also ❤️ u and ur videos!
Julia Diamond
I see my sons guppy fish picture on your wall thankyou so much that made him so happy
Plzz come live on insta
Charley Lincoln
Pigs are like the cutest animal ever!
Farmer Tường TV
I like so much. You help me top up
Paul White
I love your video it makes me laugh to paul to paul
Jaylon Marbury
Best YouTuber of 2k19
Kristine Colambo
This is my first time watching paul cuffaro
Yvonne Hession
Keep all the pigs 🐖🐖🐖🐖
Rekha Prasad
Best youtuber paul
From City To Wild
You should be concerned about jiggers if you walk around barefoot where the pigs and chickens will be
tom bob
I think its funny the dog pissed on yr floor thats what u get 4 having a dog or a kid lol dumbass.......oh wait am not going to get a positive comment shout out...... But i fell so strongly its worth it :)
Kerstie Sweeney
Um yeah...if you have SIX pigs they need to be kept outside.
That kid is 16 and sounds like he hasn’t hit puberty and is 8 or nine 😂
Rio Zeta
9:26 what??? Lol
Jonah Niemegeers
I love how the world is talking about how we don’t have much fresh water and there’s Paul over here drain water from his pond and filling it at the same time. No hate to just would like to see a change in that part
John christian Mendoza
Can shout out me pleas pleas
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SAVING TRAPPED FISH and TURTLES My *NEW* Backyard PIG ENCLOSURE!!! 2 days ago   15:33

Saving trapped fish and turtles after a heavy rain in a drying puddle!

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