Stephen Does The Math On Manafort's CNN State of The Union 3/17/19 - President 1 day ago   10:49

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
It's hard to keep track of all the crimes for which Paul Manafort has been charged and convicted. Stephen breaks down the math.

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Lock 'im up!
Not funny, just Un-Subscribed; and I'm not sorry.
The Musical Stylings of Brent Bunn
I'm offensive and I find Stephen's impression very Canadian.
Love the Colbert calculator.
Artem Bentsionov
I believe Bill Maher called Manafort’s sentence reduction a “white guy discount”.
Michael Moreton
Its not nice to make fun of Canada and Canadians. At least I dont think it is and if I am wrong please forgive me.
i really love the calculator part
absolutely love when stephen makes a blunder, laughs at it, and keeps it moving. Such a fantastic host.
Sara Burke
Grounding the planes is the only thing trump has done that I agree with
colbert is still funny even when he messes up the punchline!
Tahira Porter
Asante Sana Stephen !! Thank you for putting some hilarity in our lives! Much needed in these times. As we say in Kenya your show is Poa Sana (very awesome)
Sorry, but stereotyping canadians like that is just a blindside hit, no dowt! Sorry. Like my pet moose wouldn't hava donnybrook with a beav unless it was just hosed eh bud. Like just beauty hosed too. Sorry! Gad, this just gets me steamed, eh! Sorry, i gotta go fer a rip and have a dart to try and cool my jets. Sorry. Thanks fer chattin boot us eh!
Abel1120 conlget
Malay Agarwal
Oooohhhhh, that burn. That. Burn.
J x 3
This program is not very funny anymore.
Creighton Freeman
It is ironic that the video clip of Trump has him sitting in front of a sculpture of two of the iconic Yellowstone National Park animals that his environmental policy is threatening to drive to extinction.
Laydie Elle
As an Australian, it makes sense that Americans make fun of Canadians. Canada is their polar opposite: polite and respectful.
the last of the lemmings
7:46 funny! That's karma for hackin on everyone else. Lol
Anisa Mazaki
Jokes aside, I'm grateful that "agent orange" did atleast one thing right for a change.
Ps - @colbert, please stop making fun of Canadians. Your continual stereotyping of them is no longer funny. Not all Canadians are nice/polite people. They're human too. Just saying.
Music Feign
While Colbert and writers are hilarious, completely inappropriate on the crash comments. Off limits guys, off limits. There is much comedy to find that doesn't involve lost lives. Please stop.
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CNN State of The Union 3/17/19 - President Stephen Does The Math On Manafort's 1 day ago   44:08

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