Transformation of a Cardboard Formula 1 into Lion Family Rat's Lair 5 months ago   04:30

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In today's video you will watch an unusual project. We decided to paint f1 model made from cardboard into a ferrari formula 1 racing car. Some parts of the video was accelerated up to 300 times, so 1 second of this video is 5 minutes in real life :)
We are very proud of result we get!

How to build formula 1 car from cardboard -

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morante 햐zadkiel
David Lofthouse
Dude how much is it going to cost me for u to make me 1
Harsha Narkar
U hav a lot patienve
Jasmine Tea
Make a mercedes next time
Medium tyres lol
Ethan Bush
Still faster than a Williams
Aris Poon
Why are there thumbs downs?
Paolo Boccolari
izx Z
seguramente esto corre mas que el williams de este año y del anterior...y del anterior....y del anterior :v
kyle norris
Very good talent indeed,well done.
Why not Renault?
homie beaglePG
those dislikes don’t make sense
isso deve ter dado um trabalho... Nossa cara
with a brush????? cool!
Good. Now make it drive.
Marty Smith
Spectacular workmanship. I just wish I had half as much time on my hands, as you do......
furkan bulat
faster than 2019 ferrari
mattzemax dubois
Is very very beautiful
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Lion Family Rat's Lair Transformation of a Cardboard Formula 1 into 5 months ago   10:57

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