Flood Friday 15 - Flooding and Climate Floodgate, flood barrier system 1 day ago   01:07

In this month's short video, our Flood Resilience Team looks at the relationship between flooding and climate change. Find out how to check your flood risk online.

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Floodgate, flood barrier system Flood Friday 15 - Flooding and Climate 1 day ago   02:54

FLOODGATE is a quick and simple barrier system for doors and windows of industrial and residential buildings, to be used in the event of river flooding. It is composed of a 25 mm thick steel frame, with a 7 mm neoprene sheath wrapped around it; it expands telescopically on the horizontal and vertical planes to simply and safely adapt to a wide range of door frames.
Thanks to its unique design, FLOODGATE does not have permanent connections to the frame it is fastened to, leaving it intact when removed.
Once expanded, FLOODGATE guarantees a watertight seal between the inside and outside of the building, and provides more effective protection than over 50 sandbags. It takes just 2 minutes to position, eliminating installation costs and wasted time for inspections.
FLOODGATE modules can be joined both vertically and horizontally using the dedicated connection systems.

FLOODGATE is an Airbank (www.airbank.it) product.