NASA is building the most powerful SpaceX rockets vs NASA rockets 1 day ago   04:32

NASA is building the rocket it hopes will get us back to the moon by 2024, the Space Launch System. We take look at what will soon be the world's most powerful rocket.

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Mr Blobfish
U.S: Did you do it?
NASA: Yes...
U.S: At the cost of what
NASA: Everything...
Roman DeGiobbi
NASA 2019: We have to build a powerful enough ship

NASA Half a century ago: let's go boys
Most powerful huh? If that's the case, then it would be the most explosive.
ste c
if only we could get our hands on somee of that 50s and 60s technology
Ben Kirshenbaum
Very cool although SpaceX has far more powerful rocket's with 5 million pounds of thrust plus the bfr in the making will have 11 million
pathwayto enlightenment
And the main booster will burn when it falls back to earth....waste of money....
Mark Maxwell
Not space shuttle engines, they have a problem with explosions.
Simply Space
Tom Meyers
NASA is building the most powerful rocket ever
"This rocket will give us the ability to incinerate 20 to 30 test pilots at one time"
Torben Mørk
Im thinking that if this is the most powerful rocket ever build, and it is because its nessesary to be able to go to the moon, then how did they go to the moon in the 60's🤨 That sounds weird..!
Justin Fisher
This video admits that we've never been to the moon.
Prime Commander Cypher Raige
Most powerful ain't most efficient
Boaty Mc Boatface
What about Falcon Heavy?
Cranky Pants
So many questions popping in my mind... How come USA had a working rocket in 1969 that took humans to the moon but suddenly they didn't have the technology to do it again for 50 years? What do you mean they needed a powerful enough rocket and worked 10 years on it? They had the Saturn V. It doesn't make any sense! And it doesn't because there was NO moon landing. Then what do you mean by the most powerful rocket ever? I think SpaceX is doing a great job so far regarding powerful rockets. I don't know, it's silly and questionable.
អឿន យូឡុង Oeun YouLong
Love from Cambodia 🇰🇭 😜
The OMG World !!
60% of the comments : Elon memes
40% : they did it in the 60s so why can't they do it now!
Glenn Stockley
Again??? LMFAO
Rusty Shackleford
I believe that it has been shown without a doubt that NASA is completely full of shit. I mean, they are up there hanging from wires and blowing bubbles in space for grade school kids but under any adult scrutiny their shit just don't hold water. Whether the Earth is flat or a spinning sphere is a moot point when considering if NASA is on the level. They are not. I contend that the only black hole that they have ever proven is the one in which all of that money disappears. Because the only thing they are taking to space is the imaginations of our children. Before you get pissed, remember I'm just a sarcastic internet pseudonym. If words in a computer from an asshole that you will never meet cause you emotional distress? Well then you have bigger problems than someone that thinks NASA is full of shit.
Mike C
Nasa build nothing it's a outdated relic from the past!
Vitaly Greddy
Hey NASA, We Dont Believe Anything you Say
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SpaceX rockets vs NASA rockets NASA is building the most powerful 1 day ago   20:28

Part 1 that focuses on the relationship, history and differences is here, you should watch this first so you have context before this video!

One of the questions I get asked most often is “Who do you like better NASA or SpaceX”

Although I don’t think it’s fair to compare a government agency to a private company in general, there is one thing we can truly compare apples to apples. Or shall I say rockets to rockets. And that’s rockets. Wait. (derp)

So in this video we’re going to look at some rockets past, present and future from SpaceX and NASA and check out their capabilities, costs and over all designs in an attempt to really help compare the two.

So NASAs rockets vs SpaceX’s rockets… considering what we learned in the last video, this one might get interesting. Let’s get started!

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