Michael Wolff predicts how Trump's Cooper sarcastically plays Trump's 1 day ago   08:52

Michael Wolff says that the accounts in his second book on Donald Trump's presidency are "crazier and crazier" than the first as Trump becomes more isolated in the White House. #CNN #News

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Aurora V.
This guy is lying. He's making up things. There were interviews of Steve Banning and what this guy is saying is opposite of what Steve said in those interviews. The media and the democrats are doing everything in trying to find a way to ruin their president. The president has a lot of very intelligent people who are very knowledgeable who agree with his policies so how can these people who suppose to know about constitution and history thinks he doesn't know what he's doing.
Vee Brame
I'm going to buy this book. This man is so honest and straight forward.
James Campbell
What an idiot. Both of them.
What in the actual fuck is CNN doing defending Trump???!!!
Chris Heckert
Season 6 of House of Cards... Steve Bannon is the guy with cancer - trying to spread it to the USA. It's a bad season for the show... just as these are bad times for the USA.
Doug A.
How about that, Trump cannot tell the truth!! ...his whole life is based on a lie! ..he does not know any other way of life ..the jerk is born con man ..just like his father. ..he's not fit to be president.
william esp Borrero
In tears
Sara Pulford
Lordy ! Listening to Michael Wolff I'm almost feeling sorry for Trump. But not too sorry. I bought popcorn yesterday ready for his departure. 🇬🇧
Angelica Luce
He doesn't call anyone for comments because HE DOESN'T ACTUALLY "KNOW" ANYBODY!!
Lyle Yo
CNN should win an Academy Award for
all that fake news!!! When the Barr Ball drops and we see who is really involved
your viewership will drop to zero.
Here’s your award for blowing 💨 🥇
William Charles
Donald Trump will be exposed as a major criminal before it all ends. He keeps avoiding the inevitable, but it WILL catch up with him. Steve Bannon would like nothing more that to see every European democracy evolve into a fascist dictatorship. He's even established residence in Europe.
S Smith
Politics in America consists of those that never grew from their 3rd grade, playground selves.
Rolando Reyes
Billions wasted on a wall that only requires a ladder to get over. He illegally acquired that money. Not Medicare reform, not veteran benefits who are dying on the street. Not education or infrastructure. 4 years and all we have to remember trump is Charlottesville and a stupid wall. Besides splitting up the parties even more. If he won using collusion in 2016 then 2020 probably won’t be different no matter how small his support is with hateful people. I’m a republican but if you can’t see trump is abusing the system you are just blind. It’s fucking Donald Trump he’s been lying for 30 years
Wolff's" hair never grew back after the shock treatments at the asylum and he must be off his meds
David Allds
Donald Trump would look crazy to not normal people.
Dan Ferguson
This guy is a NAZI demtard!!
Dan Ferguson
Is CNN Biased against Don Trump? ABC, NBC, New York Times, and The Washington Post? LOL
Dan Ferguson
CNN always interviews everyone who is always wrong
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Cooper sarcastically plays Trump's Michael Wolff predicts how Trump's 1 day ago   02:58

CNN's Anderson Cooper took shots at President Donald Trump for challenging his Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to an IQ test and bragging that he would win.