Salisbury attack: Two Russian spies Galloway: "Two suspects are more 3 months ago   01:51

The Independent
Two Russian spies, operating under aliases of 'Alexander Petrov' and 'Ruslan Boshirov' have been named as those responsible for the novichok attack in Salisbury in June this year.

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Scott Young
Try looking in your own backyard, Britain. Mi5 or Mossad. Blaming Russia for everything is getting old now.
Scott Young
More British bullshit.
Ram Jet
The GRU skimped on the Hotel bill. The room they stayed in had just one Double bed and not much room for another to lay of the floor. Take a note of the message. Some knows who these two men are. The world needs to know who these two professional assassins are before Putin's hit list gets even longer.
Yuri Kovalenko
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Benny Hill show! Hilarious! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
Prof. Yosef Cohen
The british government says a lot, 'believes' a lot, yet they are unable to provide solid proof.
If the brits want to 'confront' Russia, why not pick a field and a time and square off with Russia?
Because the elites are scheming cowards. They can only lie, rape and steal.
I'm Handy Arry
We will get you
Keith Rose
I'd like to wobble your head billy bonds !
Youtube Freak
In after the paid MI5/77th Brigade trolls
Billy Bonds
Its highly embarrassing the lenghts May and her cronies will go to in order to discredit the Russian Federation. Anyone taken in by this absolute load of bollocks needs to give their head a serious wobble.
Keith Rose
Wait for all the "bullocks" to start !
Joker ???
In b4 the Russian bots
In before the Russian trolls. Good reporting, The Independent! Their faces, for everyone to see. We will find them.
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Galloway: "Two suspects are more Salisbury attack: Two Russian spies 3 months ago   05:48

"The two suspects are more Austin Powers than James Bond" says George Galloway as Theresa May hits out at Russia saying that the Skripal attack was authorised at the highest level of the Russian state.


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