Melania Trump shoved by playful Sarah Sanders claims Trump 2 days ago   00:22

The Independent
Melania Trump is currently visiting Kenya and during the trip she was meeting some playful baby elephants. One of them topples into her and the incident caused a secret service agent to step in to protect the first lady from the playful animal.

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Diana Carrizales
Melaina Trump cannot seem to get away from being shoved by the orange elephant...
One of those elephant need to ffukk. Melanie trump hard so she become humble a little bit. In reality she more animal than these innocent cute elephants lol
Animals are a good judge of character.
Fred Best
melania graceful, but watch out for that dance partner, he will step on your foot.
Hahaha! Animals can, indeed, sense nasty characters.
HARRY mwang
Even the elephant knows that ain’t good people😂
Steven William Bayless Parks
Republicans and their symbols have always been pushy-shovey sorts.
And it's the last time we see the elephant baby..
Christian Eduardo
The baby elephant's name is Michelle....
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Sarah Sanders claims Trump Melania Trump shoved by playful 2 days ago   10:49

The White House on Wednesday stood by President Donald Trump's mocking impression of Christine Blasey Ford, with press secretary Sarah Sanders defending it as "stating the facts." She also accused Senate Democrats of "exploiting" her, even as key Republican senators admonished Trump over his comments.