13 Everyday Things You Should Really VEGAN MEAL PREP FOR THE WEEK 1 day ago   12:48

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How about paying for the “organic” label? Organic is the most overhyped ripoff in the last 20 years.

The “OMG....CHEMICALS!” paranoia demonstrates a lack of high-school chemistry competence.
Radosław Paź
ah these problems of the first world ;) with water from a bottle or tap.
SagittariusBoomBamPOW SheDidThat
*"Cut that $hit out!"* 😂👍
Jane lane
These are such obvious things Are people really this stupid?
Jane lane
This is so obvious Are people really this dumb?
Sarena Huisman
Turmeric can be used in tacos and a whole bunch of other dishes along with being very healthy
Aby Marquez
If I had your skin I could afford to use only honey as a face mask.
Emily Delamar
I clean everything with water+ vinegar or water+dishsoap. Cheap and easy, way better than those chlor smelling bathroom cleaners that ruin your lungs
Dancing Jen
I use the Venus razor because i thought that's what better razors were, just changing the head, but I,ve been wondering if there was something less eco-damaging. What good razors are you talking about? And how can you not use turmeric?! :-O I use it almost everyday! lol even in smoothies, popcorn,..
Indian food is one of the cheapest and easiest cusisines to make (esp curry), girl, you could have used that turmeric up so fast
literally trash
I bought myself one of these vintage straight razors & it's cool but you just can't use it to shave "down there" :D
Dawn Johnson
I laughed so hard at 8:52
Janice Gardner
Pet treats that are 90% chemicals? Is flour a chemical now? Most of your cheapo treats are made from primarily flour. Organic doesn't mean healthy when it comes to pet treats, you have to read the labels. For example, organic cat treats will still contain some kind of plant metter (often sweet potato), which cats cannot digest, being obligate carnivores.
Ryan Santiago
Lol doubly
I don’t go in to the wear wing of my upstairs
Tim Johnston
we all want all of you ppl on here to hop right into it..
Tiffany Gonsalves
I am curious how having a junk drawer (which everyone has) or old clothes in my closet is costing me money. Could you explain that please?
River A
Please... Don't put olive oil on your face
Mmina Maclang
This was supposed to be on personal financial literacy but we've just legit gone into Zero Waste. Nice!
I love having water bottles tho :,( it’s only like $2 for a 48 pack at Walmart...
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VEGAN MEAL PREP FOR THE WEEK 13 Everyday Things You Should Really 1 day ago   06:25

Thanks for watching this vegan meal prep in 1 hour! I hope you find this video helpful and I hope it gives you ideas for future meal prepping! Recipes below, as usual :)

Bento Box from: http://us.monbento.com/en/

Download my Simple Vegan Eats Ebook here: https://www.livshealthylife.com/shop/


Pasta sauce:
2 cans tomato sauce (15 oz each)
3/4 cup TVP (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Textured_vegetable_protein)
1 cup water
1 tbsp oregano
1 tbsp basil
salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder to taste
1 bell pepper, chopped
115 g chopped mushrooms (or about 1 1/2 cups)

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