AMD Radeon VII... We NEED to talk AMD Radeon VII Review: Not Ready for Launch 1 week ago   15:56

The wait for AMD's new flagship Radeon VII is over! But how does it compare to Vega 64, GTX 1080Ti and RTX 2080?

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moksy shmox
99° and trump says no global warming ?
Kismet Games
i wonder how the V64 would perform if the cooler on it was designed similarly to that of the RVII...
gw3 Extreme2
JayzTwoCents: You should know better, wait a month or two for AMD to set the driver right. It happened the same about Vega cards when they were new. Everybody is so rushed for testing.
...I have to know what the "Benchmark song" is called.. how do I get it lol
that was the same problems they had when they had the dual core cards.
lobo malo
hey JayzTwoCents you ever giveaway any of the product you make videos of like videos cards ,pc and other stuff
miyagi ryota
With AMD driver 19.2.2 the Radeon7 is now the chosen 1 to beat RTX 2080. Please do another review and we will see how it performs now.
Fazla Rabby
Bro amd is good but hmm nvidia one are better and i think amds cpu gonna be super hot cool
19.2.2 Drivers now available
Radeon VII owner here. it's not your card, it's the driver. i've been playing Wildlands a lot and can only play 20-30 minutes before the game crashes. if i'm lucky and i'm quick i can hit the start menu and restart. if not it's a hard reset because the whole system locks. love the card, but the drivers need work
Kuldip Singh
Chinese new year fucked a lot of companies up cuz no one is working, no one is responding which leads to production delays. I know cuz we are in the same boat.
can you make a video about replacing the fans for better ones on the radeon vii or putting a watercooler on it? much love
Lars Passic
I LOVE my GPU tach. I watch it through my glass case. Bring it back AMD!
Lasse Lund
Still nothing thats good enough too justify replaceing my gtx 1080 ti with, well there is only the rtx 2080 ti and that is xstreamly overpriced.
the gtx 1080 ti were released what 2-3 years ago, well atleast Amd cought up, and Nividia really haven't made any big leap for the consumer who whants too stay below 1000$
is it just me or are the gpu development going extreamly slow atm, except the pricing, I can remember nearly 15-20 years back when I build my first pc, the motherbord, ram, cpu. are allmost the same price today, except gpu wich costs 2-4 times as much
what the fuck went wrong?? get the fucking prices down Amd and Nividia and get the fucinking finger out off the ass and make some improvements on your cards, before releasing the next series.
The only positive with this release, seems too be a alternative to nividia, that aint overprice compaired too the preformance, that kept me from buying the vega 64.
William Weeks
Could you use a motherboard that doesn't block air flow? Just curious if it changes temps and crashes.
2:40 What's that track? It sounds like something from Painkiller. :D
chris crawley
Hi Jay. Love your vids. Thanks for all your hard work. I'm getting ready to build a new rig and was wondering what your testing Crosshair mobo and proc are. Also, do you maybe have a recommendation for someone on a "sorta" budget. Thanks again.
These test are not reliable. Software e.g. driver is not optimazed yet. Wait a month or two for AMD to set the driver right. It happened the same about Vega cards when they were new. Everybody is so rushed for testing.
It really is pretty bad PR from AMD, if you even want to call it that. The card seems fine, but the drivers aren't ready yet, which is a big NO for a media release. I don't think you'd notice much of a difference if any, ingame between the 1080 and the VII (when it finally works). Regarding the RTX vs HBM question: RTX on vs off is like a game of "spot the difference" while cutting FPS. In comparison, I think that more RAM will be much more likely to make a difference in games in the foreseeable future.
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AMD Radeon VII Review: Not Ready for Launch AMD Radeon VII... We NEED to talk 1 week ago   26:55

Reviewing AMD's Radeon VII video card vs. the RTX 2080 and others, featuring OpenCL tests, graphite thermal pad vs. paste tests, acoustics, gaming, & more.
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This review answers a lot of potential questions, particularly those wondering about what "Junction temperature" is on the AMD Radeon VII, or how it compares versus "GPU temperature." While walking through graphite thermal pad tests vs. thermal paste, we also talk mounting pressure, noise levels, MOSFET thermals, and performance. Cards tested include Radeon VII, Vega 56, Vega 64, GTX 1080 Ti, RTX 2080, RTX 2080 Ti, Titan RTX, and many more.

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Editorial, Testing: Steve Burke
Video: Andrew Coleman