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He has the face of a baby
Melissa Mitchell
So this is only for the super rich
Lisa The Lupus Rebel
Thank you so much for the info.
Do you have videos on renting out a room in the house you live in?
Weird World
Being a landlord is horrible! Drugs are rampant in America and tenants can completely destroy your property and there is no law against that. also, you cannot retire from rental income. it is considered passive income. You have to pay massive real estate and income taxes, but none of it counts toward your retirement.
Slay This Debt
Thank you for sharing this information. We are new to this industry and we are renting out our first home!!
Joe Mace
Do you not pay property taxes where you invest in real estate, I noticed that you and that other guy Clayton Morris don't include this ridiculous cost of owning property as a tax deduction...why is that?
Isaac Spearman
Is there a sweet spot on how much you want to write off in expenses? Say you make 600 a month on a unit, which is $7200 a year. Do i want to try to get 7200 in repairs and expense? i would imagine there is a sweet spot. I know your not an accountant but would like to hear your thoughts
Brittany Sullivan
What are some of the apps you use to keep good records?
Bob Is The Builder
You did not save anything. In fact you lost a considerable amount of money. $60.00 for the cleaner and hopefully supplies. Take your 3 hours using the machine, add another half hour on each end of the job for setting up and cleaning the machine afterwards add another hour on each end for pickup and delivery. Add it all together; thats six hours unpaid. Figure a minimum of $30.00 an hour times six hours. Thats $180.00 you are out Add that to the $60.00 for the machine, in reality the job costs you $240.00 $260.00 if you pay sales tax.
Chris Kirkpatrick
Im about to finish paying off my first house. It will be my first rental. These videos are very informative and I look forward to using your tactics to run and build my rental properties.
Maria Flores
Love your videos, thank you for all your good advices.
Rent Remedy
As a landlord, your number one priority is rent payments. Only problem is, it's not always the tenants number one priority.

That’s why we created a program that will hold your tenants accountable and assure you that the rent will be paid on time and in full. If you want better performing tenants, give us a call to see how we can help. Rentremedy(dotcom), 1-800-931-0449
Marvin Ward
Is there a way you can almost run this business tax free where you get the most profit. Also is there an advantage if you hire a cpa?
Soozi inCa
We don't hate taxes! It means my husband & I are gainfully employed.
Joanne Howley
Basic information, not bad.
Ali Saad
Listening to this dude is like torture
Mark Kaiser
I'm looking into buying a house to rent out. When I buy the house, should I set up an LLC?
Your videos very knowledgeable thanks for that l want to hire property manager to take care for my properties . How we can find good one. What things we have to ask them
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Calculating Numbers on a Rental Property The tax advantages of being a landlord | Rent 3 months ago   23:00

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