RANDOM DUOS.... THIS is why Ninja wanted Aim-Assist 6 months ago   10:14

hope u all had a great xmas and new years


Outro Song: JOSH A - NO CHILL

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Amanda Dunham
Pninjap _Kon
4:41 moan??
Tomi Virtanen
If your dad loves you, jump😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Sun squad W
To 1v1
Kobe Sanchez
3:32 he's on mouse
mitzuki Lopez
But a fine :'3
mitzuki Lopez
I no have one win in this season 9
0:00 he speak spanish
Aylin Gurrola
Yo Fe4RLess I love you!!!
NatsuASavage YT
3:18 I have Raven too awesome!!!
valor mp4
*t W eN TY tWOoO*
Since he jumped his dad must love him
Alvin The BurgerMan
Devil was funny not the actual devil the player devil
Crisis Cookie
Please play with the crackhead some more xD
Narcotic NC
I used to think comikazie had the best snipes but I think fearless has the best snipes now
DaMags Game
Where the gun begins 2:47
3:55 who does he sound like???
KingVet 559
At 3:10 I always thought he said he had 3 grams and 2 bowls but the whole time it was 3 ramps and 2 walls🤦🏻‍♂️😂
Boi_ yoi
I love the oof searies
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THIS is why Ninja wanted Aim-Assist RANDOM DUOS.... 6 months ago   16:56

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