RANDOM DUOS.... THIS is why Ninja wanted Aim-Assist 2 weeks ago   10:14

hope u all had a great xmas and new years


Outro Song: JOSH A - NO CHILL

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juan diaz
Xdevil made me spit out my Coca-Cola
My little brothers name is joel lol
kingkash is life
The sickest LETS GO EVER
Bautista brothers
Do you think is better than my brother is on PC what do you think fearless is better
Already Alexis415
I think xDeVils420x was high!😂😂😂😂😂
i was laughing so hard that laugh tho
i report you for griefing hehe
NbaBris 38
His partner at 3:00 was high af😂
succ bootleg
Daddy fe4rless could you 1 v 1 me? For a video I deleted all my old vids to try to make content like yours
Amy Cisneros Cortez
4:43 what was that that sound wired 😂😂
Oh Yeah yeah yeah
Can we get an oh yeah yeah
Sam Lavatory
Anyone notice he spelled more moar?
Hi GsnDumb
Oh yeah yeah
Jayden Hines
the toxic version of fe4rless LMAOO 9:00
Your so mean do you hear the way he said noooooo
Døtted Døll
*random squads?*
Jason Hernandez
ur actually my dad
Sancar Apaydin
Cfc 227
Oh yeah yeah
Blake Avalos
Kid :22 Fe4rless:OK relax Taylor swift
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THIS is why Ninja wanted Aim-Assist RANDOM DUOS.... 2 weeks ago   16:56

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